Wed 30th Aug, 2023

Cow's Mouth Quarry, Littleborough

Jared Kitchen

Cow's Mouth Quarry

Cow's Mouth Quarry is a gritstone quarry sitting just above the Littleborough. It's just inside the Lancashire border, and is blessed with gorgeous views of Pennine hills. The quarry is home to a good selection of trad routes and boldering, making it great for an evening session, especially as the evenings become shorter.  Details can be found here:


Please familiarise yourself with the approach before heading out. Climbing will start whenever people arrive, but 6pm is always safe bet. Keep an eye on scribble for updates though, and let me know if you have any questions. I hope you will all consider coming up the crag for a evening out. See you soon.

Jared Kitchen

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