Sat 11th May, 2024

Newcomers meet at Stanage Edge

Andy S


Stanage Newcomers Meet report 11th May 2024

Members: Andy Stratford, Jim Symon, Rory Marsden, Dave Wylie, Brian Tarnowski, Christine Beeston, Neil Boynton, Ed Courtnell, Phil Mitchell

Prospective Members: Andy Lewtas, Noel Peatfield, Luke Cullum, Alice Gioia, Tom Arthur, Tom Holt.

A solid KMC turnout on a super sunny Stanage Saturday, busy with many clubs and teams including 50 Scouts and the Oread MC….

I was puzzled when within 5 minutes I was approached by two separate people asking if I was leading the meet for the Oread…. Then I heard they were looking for someone in bright orange trousers! It happened another three times that morning then the word must have got round that two of us who had been tangoed!

As usual, we split into teams with a bit of mix-matching here and there. All the classics got a good number of ascents. Jim and Rory teamed up and took Tom Holt up his first-ever gritstone routes with 17 stars in 7 routes with Rory leading Black Hawk HS 4c, Castle Crack HS 4b, Hargreaves Original VS 4c and Narrow Buttress VS 4c and Jim leading on Christmas Crack HS 4a and Central Trinity VS 4c  then Hollybush Crack V Diff at the end without Tom who followed me and Phil up Oblique Crack S 4a.

My favourite moment of the day was the awesome Alice ''Belly Flop'' top out on Narrow Buttress!

It’s tricky to list who climbed everything, as you would expect, so a quick summary below credits those who led routes today and who have let me know what they did – apologies if I've missed you off, let me know and I’ll add it in.

Twin Cracks HVD: Andy L

Robin Hoods Right hand Buttress Direct HS 4a: Luke, Andy L

Bishops Route S 4a: Andy S, Luke

Pedestal Chimney Diff: Ed

Wrights Route VS 4c: Ed

Hargreaves VS 4c: Andy S, Rory.

Christmas Crack HS 4a: Andy S; Jim

Central Trinity VS 4c: Jim, Ed

Right Hand Trinity S 4b: Luke, Phil

Oblique Crack S 4a: Andy L, Andy S

Narrow Buttress VS 4c: Andy S, Rory

Hollybush Crack V Diff: Luke, Jim

Leaning Buttress Crack V Diff: Alice, Christine

Flying Buttress V Diff: Luke

Castle Crack HS 4b: Rory

Black Hawk HS 4c: Rory

Black Hawk Traverse left V Diff: Brian


Thanks for coming and making a memorable day out.


Andy Stratford

Meet Promo:

Newcomers meet 2024

Saturday 11th will be at Stanage Edge

Meet up to leave from Hooks car park (Popular end) at 09.30 a.m. Arrive closer to 9am if you want to be guaranteed a spot. Please note this is now a PAY AND DISPLAY! From there it’s a short walk-in to Manchester Buttress and the uber-popular end of Stanage. We’ll base ourselves around that area most of the day, with teams moving leftwards towards Christmas crack/Black Slab and further as the day wears on. Most years there are Ring Ouzel bird nesting restrictions – so we’ll see where this is at on the day – check the RAD link below. As many of us will drive back through Glossop we’ll head to The Globe pub for a quick natter over a drink for about 6.30ish. Keep your eye on the WhatsApp groups for up-to-date chatter, info, lift shares and general banter….. If the weather is wet, don’t despair! Bring your walking boots and waterproofs and we’ll go for a sociable walk around the Burbage Valley / Stanage area for a few hours in the hope things may dry enough for a route or two later. For those who might prefer to run then that’s an option, and if there is a contingent that fancy the wall instead, folk can make their own arrangements on WhatsApp.


Sunday 12th is at the small but perfectly formed Harborough Rocks. Small car park on Manystones Lane just after the brickworks on the left if coming from Brassington

**please sign up on the separate meet if you'd like to come along on the Sunday.

Keep your eye on the WhatsApp groups for up-to-date chatter, info, lift shares and general banter….. If the weather is wet, don’t despair – as an alternative, there will be a scramble or walk somewhere else closer to Manchester…… keep your eye on the WhatsApp groups for details.

If you need a link to join the WhatsApp groups drop Mich or Andy a line by any means you fancy!

If you have recently signed up as a prospective member, or wish to do so, please email to let us know you'd like to come. Bring your own harness, helmet, rock shoes etc. As we don't do instruction or teaching and aren't insured to do this we'd expect anyone coming to know how to belay safely and competently. We’ll make sure all new folk get to climb with members at various times during the day. 

Finally, If you think you are coming please click the ''intend to attend'' button on this page for Stanage - and/or the Harborough Rocks meet page.

See you all there!

Mich and Andy on behalf of the KMC Committee

(Please see links below - UKC and BMC RAD websites)


Andy Stratford

Meet Promo:

This year we are once again heading up two days on the rock for newcomers.


Saturday will be the ever popular Stanage Popular: And Suday will be at Harborough rocks:


(Please see links below for both of the crags on UKC and BMC RAD websites)

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