Fri 15th Mar - Sun 17th Mar, 2024

Ty Powdwr working meet

Andy S

Working meet report March 2024

Members: Dave Wylie, Andy Stratford, Gareth Williams, Mich Harrison, Stuart Hurworth, Catherine Machalinski, Marcus Everleigh, Lewis Stonehouse, Joe Dugdale, David Rainsbury, Yvonne King

Prospective Member: Andy Lewtas and Guest: Oliver Machalinski

Thirteen turned out for a busy working meet.

Inside the hut Dave Wylie fitted a new LED porch light to replace the failed halogen, a new ‘’Stuart proof’’ switch cover for HVAC all-out button and 2 new CO alarms. Andy and Mich sorted the kitchen including replacement bowls and new glasses and a new microwave. Catherine and Yvonne deep cleaned the dorms and changed the mattress covers. Catherine also deep cleaned the lounge.

Outside – a few teams worked steadily all day on the three projects:

Access track culverts – all three in the section owned by Gwynedd Council and part of Padarn Park were all blocked to some extent. After some initial investigation by Andy S on Friday a team of Lewis and Oliver Machalinski spearheaded by the resolute Marcus Everleigh spent the day getting thoroughly wet and filthy! One culvert required an extensive excavation and rebuild, and it was a superb effort from the team.

Shed Base – as part of our commitment to the environmental agenda at Ty Powdwr and in a bid to encourage more cycling, especially people who want to access the hut from the train on their bikes, we are installing a small but secure external bike storage facility for four bikes, situated at the back of the turning bay near the gas store. Gareth, David Rainsbury and Joe Dugdale volunteered to dig out a couple of tonnes of slate and soil to create a level area which was then stoned back up with sub-base and slate waste to create a solid and level base for the heavy-duty shed. The other advantage for all hut users is that this means bikes will no longer need to be left in the hallway. There will also be enough space in the shed to accommodate our donated ‘’outback’’ gas BBQ, courtesy of longstanding member Ruth Ashton. The BBQ will be available to use by all members and all external groups. We expect to install the new shed in April this year.

Filter bed – the filter bed needed some cyclical maintenance – it was overgrown with brambles and moss and the tippler had a broken bracket. Stuart, Andy Lewtas and Dave Wylie dealt with all the issues and the system is fully restored to good working order (see before and after photos).

Track repair - In addition pretty much the whole team went down to the green gate for a quick repair on the inside wheel track on the first bend. 1 ton of gravel was shifted and tamped in under 30 minutes!

Bucket Chain – the spoil from the shed base was moved by a 10-strong bucket chain up onto the knoll as part of the long-term plan to utilise as much of our outdoor space as possible. Eventually, this area may be flat enough to pitch a small tent and have a bench or table for one of the best sunset views in Snowdonia.

Environmental management – the stewardship of our land is progressing well, and the bracken looks to have been almost totally eradicated. Once again, this year, we will mow some selected paddock sections and set aside some of the rest for grasses and wildflowers. After 3 years of careful and progressive tree pruning, we now have much more light in the woodland areas and the daffodils have benefited tremendously.

Future – June working meet – a few possible things listed here:

Installation of welcome slate

Continuation of steps build

Strimming of the track, ditch and all hard-to-reach areas of the paddock including any remaining outliers of the dreaded bracken!

Painting of the front and rear halls and stairways (subject to painters availability!)

A protective coat of Osmo on the lounge floor.

Possible replacement of kitchen extract fans


So, a great big thank you to the team who worked so hard and made such a great contribution, it was a mighty fine weekend, so get yourself signed up for the next one!








Andy Stratford

Meet Promo:

Two free nights accommodation - Friday and Saturday and food on Saturday lunch in return for a full days work on Saturday.

Sunday is a free day to climb, walk, chill at the hut - whatever.

Please sign up as early as possible so we can sort catering numbers.

Jobs may include:


  • General cleaning of all areas of the hut,
  • painting
  • compliance checks
  • woodworm treatment
  • replacement of porch light


  • Pothole filling and tamping on the track,
  • stone step construction to the knoll
  • track strimming
  • ditch clearing
  • wildflower seeding. 


Andy Stratford

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