Sat 30th Mar, 2024

STS24: Big Day from Ty Powdwr

Sean Clancy

A distinct lack of volunteers for this day out meant I had no excuse but to finish the bathroom refurb that I started on Good Friday and delay my day out until Easter Sunday. That did however align nicely with what looked like the better weather day. I duly got my hopes up for a beautiful clear day…

I set off from Stockport just after 6am with the sunrise in the rear view mirror, parking up at the bus stop and getting on the move around 8:15. Things were looking good, the sky was clear and the breeze was light, and there weren’t even too many people making their way onto the trail as I passed through Llanberis.

The jog up to Bwlch Maesgwn was joyous, all the while with my first destination for the day looming above. Even as I joined the Ranger Path the crowds hadn’t coalesced and I enjoyed a pretty uninterrupted run to the summit. Things were looking good as I descended the Pyg Track (finally passing the assembled masses I expected to encounter earlier), banishing traumatic memories of the path from my teenage years (it was a super enjoyable run down), down to a brief respite at Pen-y-Pass to marvel at the chaos of people trying to park without a booking.

As I started to make my way up towards Glyder Fawr, around 19km into the day, I was just thinking to myself how good I felt when I plunged thigh deep into a bog and simultaneously snapped a pole. As if just to rub salt in the emotional wound, the wind dramatically picked up around this point and the energy seemed to drain out of my legs. I dragged myself to the summit, eventually giving up on the use of a single pole, and decided I would cut short my out-and-back excursions from the planned route and head straight for Y Garn.

The ground was too difficult to do much running at this point and the wind was now relentless and could easily knock me off balance, so by the time I made it to the top I was cold and frustrated. Thankfully the trail eased up a bit on the next section so I could finally make some progress and generate some body heat to see me through and back to the car (with only a few minor incidences of swearing into the wind).

All things considered a cracking day out with plenty learnt with 50 weeks to go until UTS.

Final stats for the day: 35km, 2600m, 7 hours, -1 pole

Sean Clancy

Meet Promo:

Spring Trail Series 2024 Day 1 – Big Day from Ty Powdwr

App. 43km distance and 3100m elevation gain

Start Point – Ty Powdwr

Intended start time – 08:30 (to be agreed with attendees)

Spring Trail Series 2024

Join me for all or some of the inaugural Spring Trail Series, which will be my final big days out prior to Ultra Trail Snowdonia in May. Whether you are also planning to race, or you just fancy some big days out moving quickly in the hills, the company will be much appreciated!

These will be a series of one day meets with no formal overnight stay although you are of course welcome to arrange this for yourself. I may do this myself nearer the time for some of the meets, otherwise I’ll be driving from Stockport on the day.

Each route will be approached with a running mindset, travelling lightweight, hiking the steeper ascents and running where possible on the descents and flats. That being said, these will very much be at a training pace, with an emphasis on staying as a group, so friendly to a range of running paces.

Whilst there will be no specific kit list, everyone should be equipped to look after themselves in the hills, including but not limited to:

  • Appropriate layering and footwear for the forecast conditions as well as any unexpected changes.
  • Enough food and water for a long day in the mountains.
  • Personal first aid kit.
  • Navigational kit.
  • Fully charged phone in case of emergency.

If you have any questions or concerns about the STS meets or would like to join me for any running throughout the winter, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Sean Clancy

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