Sat 13th Apr, 2024

STS24: Abrahams Tea Round

Sean Clancy

Spring Trail Series 2024 Day 3 – Tea Round

App. 47km distance and 3500m elevation gain

Start Point – Keswick

Intended start time – 08:30 (to be agreed with attendees)

Spring Trail Series 2024

Join me for all or some of the inaugural Spring Trail Series, which will be my final big days out prior to Ultra Trail Snowdonia in May. Whether you are also planning to race, or you just fancy some big days out moving quickly in the hills, the company will be much appreciated!

These will be a series of one day meets with no formal overnight stay although you are of course welcome to arrange this for yourself. I may do this myself nearer the time for some of the meets, otherwise I’ll be driving from Stockport on the day.

Each route will be approached with a running mindset, travelling lightweight, hiking the steeper ascents and running where possible on the descents and flats. That being said, these will very much be at a training pace, with an emphasis on staying as a group, so friendly to a range of running paces.

Whilst there will be no specific kit list, everyone should be equipped to look after themselves in the hills, including but not limited to:

  • Appropriate layering and footwear for the forecast conditions as well as any unexpected changes.
  • Enough food and water for a long day in the mountains.
  • Personal first aid kit.
  • Navigational kit.
  • Fully charged phone in case of emergency.

If you have any questions or concerns about the STS meets or would like to join me for any running throughout the winter, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Sean Clancy

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