Sat 2nd Nov - Sat 9th Nov, 2024

Climbing and exploring Morocco

Emily Thompson

BOOKING: Required.
Please contact the meet leader or the club.

If you’ve clicked here it’s because you’re already thinking about escaping in the autumn and seeking sunshine instead of gloom and rain. 

You’ve come to the right place - as the KMC are off to Morocco! 

We will fly Saturday to Agadir and hire cars to drive 2.5 hours to Tafraoute - a popular place to rock climb. Here we will climb, hike, relax and enjoy the sunshine! 

We will stay at the Hotel Les Amandiers, which is approx £30 a night for a double room. The hotel has a pool and is the only one to serve beers. 


If you haven't already expressed interested to me as per the original promo deadline of end of March, then you're still more than welcome to come but you need to book your own room at the hotel. 

You're also responsible for booking your own flights.
we can sort sharing car hire costs when we get there - on a quick glance it should cost us £150 per car (plus fuel). 

So assuming you share a room and there's 4 to a car, it should be about £350 plus cost of flights. (Though I can't promise the currency conversion won't change that cost!)


If you want to find out about the climbing :

On quartzite -

On granite -

There’s lots of bouldering too, and don’t worry it’s possible to hire mats!

Hiking info here

I'd love you to come, even if all you want to do is hike, swim and relax. :-D

Emily Thompson

Intending to Attend:
Dylan Smith
Emily Thompson
Phoebe Marsden
Andy S
Jo S
Jared Kitchen
Craig Marsden
Colin Maddison
Susan Marsden
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