Sun 4th Feb, 2024

Kinder Downfall Fell Run

Roger Mapleson

Members: Michelle Harvie, Rob Embry, Caroline Gay, Jess Pealing, Mark Garrod, Craig Marsden

The weather was not exactly sparkling with low cloud, a cold wind and a promise of rain in the air. And in the forecast. In spite of this, five of us set out to complete the Kinder Downfall race route with Craig and Mark opting for solo alternatives owing to various fitness/health issues. Both were back in the café before the rest of us. The main group left Hayfield via the Snake Path, uphill to start and then levelling off towards the Shooting Cabin before losing much of the height gained descending to the bottom of William Clough. Here starts the main ascent which I have always used as a benchmark of hill running fitness. Trying to run the upper half of the Clough is a risky business and arguably slower than walking but, it’s a challenge. Rob followed by Jess and Caroline ground it out up front with Michelle and me stumbling around behind. This was a pattern repeated on the final climb up to the plateau edge and in fact for much of the rest of the run. But, this wasn’t a competitive event and regular regroupings kept us all together. I thought the rain was setting in as we approached the Downfall but, it was just the wind blowing the waterfall back up over the path. It dried up south of the Kinder River and we carried on along the plateau edge to kinder Low. Even though it’s flat, it is a tough path to run. It’s full of boulders and uppy downy bits and any carelessness or lapse in concentration presents a risk of an embarrassing faceplant. The threatened rain never quite arrived until we were well on our way down with a fun descent across grip testing fields slick with wet mud. Back Hayfield we met up with the soloists in the Rosie Lee’s cafe for some well earned tea, cake and chat. Good to get out on a day when it would have been all too easy to stay at home, read the paper and do some DIY. Big thankyou to everyone who turned out.

Roger Mapleson

Meet Promo:

An ideal opportunity to get a quick trip out in the hills and still be back for lunch.

The plan is to run the route of the Kinder Downfall Fell Race which usually happens around Easter time every year. It’s about 10 miles but with options to cut short for any reason if anyone needs to (or if we all need to).

The route takes us from Hayfield to the shooting cabin and then down to the bottom of Williams Clough. Up the Clough, then east up to the plateau. Follow the edge past the Downfall to Edale Cross then down through Tunstead Farm to Bowden Bridge and back to Hayfield.

This is a fell run and NOT a fell race so the general idea is that we will stay together with stops to regroup as and when needed. If you have never tried running in the hills before but are hill fit come and give it a go, you may be surprised.

*There is no specific kit list, but everyone should be equipped to look after themselves in the hills, minimum suggested:

  • Appropriate layering and footwear for the forecast conditions as well as any unexpected changes. Fell running shoes recommended as is full waterproof body cover.
  • Enough food and water for a good half day out on the hill.
  • Personal first aid kit.
  • Navigational kit.
  • Fully charged phone in case of emergency.

CHANGE OF MEET UP POINT we will now meet in the car park of the Royal Hotel  in the middle of Hayfield SK 0374 8695. The hotel is closed for the moment and the car park is now being used as a (free) public car park.I’ll be there for 10am with a view to getting going by 10.30.

If you don't trust that option, park in the public car park** in Hayfield SK 0358 8693 

*Thanks Sean for the kit list :)

** you can pay by card or with coins. Think you need £4.50.

There's a couple of cafes in Hayfield if anyone fancys tea/cake/bacon sandwich afterwards.

Roger Mapleson

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