Sat 12th Jun - Sun 13th Jun, 2010

Ty Powdwr Working Meet

Attendees: James Hoyle, Chris Williams, Iain McCallum, Dan O'Brien.


A small but select group of KMCers made it to the working meet. Dan got stuck into some painting whilst some repairs were made on the track. Chris replaced some slates on the rear of the building and various other jobs were done including a spring clean. Lots of jobs were measured up for the next working meet so hopefully a better turnout will lead to more getting done. As is tradition Iain cooked up a great lunch to keep everyone going, and in the evening my barbecue failed to light properly again as we attempted to listen to the England match on a car radio with awful reception. Ahh, picture the scene... still; at least the sun was out!

On Sunday James and Chris went climbing in the pass. Flying Buttress was the classic route of choice made all the more interesting by the rain. Iain went for a walk, whilst poor Dan got a flat battery and had to wait for the breakdown van which rather scuppered his plans.

Thanks to those who came for your continued support.

James Hoyle

Meet Promo:

Hopefully the fine weather of the last few weeks will continue into June and help make the summer working party a great success! Remember that without your efforts the fantastic resource that is our hut would not be available so I hope to see a good turnout. Full and prospective members more than welcome and we can always find a variety of jobs to suit any level of technical ability or effort including:

  • Further repairs to the track leading to Ty Powdwr
  • A good spring clean of the hut
  • Mattress covers to replace the holed ones (could anyone come down with a sewing machine)
  • A lock to replace in the door of Ty Fuse
  • Possible replacement of the wood under the roof at far end of hut which looks rotten
  • Slates to replace on back wall of hut
  • New hinge to go on door of electric cabinet
  • New fire safety notices to replace those that have run in damp weather
  • Painting of doors and woodwork

Free accommodation and lunch to all those who come down to help on the Saturday and a full day out on the hills on the Sunday. As we have no garden and the views are so nice Kasia and I shall also be having a BBQ on Saturday night washed down with a few beers. Bring your own pork chops if you want to join in and let's see if we can burn less food than we managed last year! If you let me know you're coming and want to join in with the cremation of animals I'll even provide some bread and salad. What a bargain? How could you possibly stay away?

James Hoyle

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