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Welcome to the Karabiner Mountaineering Club website. We're an inclusive club, which runs meets every week of the year, so there's always something for you to come along to. Throughout the whole year we have local, national and international meets, all of which you find out more about on our Meets page. Mid-week, usually Wednesday evening, we climb outdoors in the summer months and indoors during the winter.

You are invited to join us for as many meets as you like without needing to become a member. You can find out about forthcoming meets on our Meets page or, if you'd like to find out more first, contact us.

If you decide to become a member you can do so once you have attended at least 4 meets within a six month period. You will also need the signatures of 3 full/honorary members. At this stage you will become an Associate member. You can apply for full membership six months after being accepted as an associate member. Go to the Joining th KMC page for more information.

What you can expect from the KMC

Firstly we don't do Instruction, Tuition or Coaching. If you're a complete beginner you might want to take a short course to get the basics in whichever discipline you're interested in. Go to the BMC site or our Links page to find out where to get Instruction.

Having said this, our club is home to over a hundred members with a wealth of experience, skills and knowledge that we are happy share. We have meets of all varieties, for skills levels from novice up to highly experienced throughout the year and we try to cater for all levels. For example, on one of our trips to the Alex Mac Hut near to Ben Nevis allowed for experienced members to go on 14 hour Grade 4 mixed climbs, whilst others went on more sedate walks up to the north face of Ben Nevis. Similarly, there is usually a mix of people who want different things out of the meet, so you are likely to find someone to buddy up with who can give you support if you need it.

The club in 2013 introduced some courses with qualified instructors, to help members to improve and become more skilled and experienced in the outdoors. Courses include Navigation, Introduction to Outdoors Climbing, Winter Skills. We particularly welcome active new members and prospective members to join us for these courses. More information on the Meets page.

As well as climbing and mountaineering we encourage social meets and promote socialising opportunities, so that members and prospective members have a chance to meet up in a relaxed environment.

Where to start

Our mid-week meets are a good place to get started, if you're a climber who can tie in and belay. Alternatively, take a look at our Meets page and see if there's a meet that you like the sound of. You can call or email us if you'd prefer to speak to someone before you come to a meet or you can just turn up.

We look forward to meeting you!

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