60th Aniversary Greenland Expedition 2004.

Expedition Timeline

Beginnings 2003
Book flights January
Collect items for freighting May 1-2
Pack freight May 8-9
Drop freight with shipping agent May 10 - 11
Training Before July
Organise transport to and from Stansted.
(not as simple as you'd think)
Before July
Flight: Stansted-Copenhagen. July 8
Flight: Copenhagen-Narsarsuaq.
(That was the plan anyway!)
July 9
Flight: Narsarsuaq-Nanortalik.
(Except we were North of the Arctic Circle)
July 9
Shopping and collecting freight planned.
Instead, a flight back to Narsarsuaq!
July 10 (morning)
Boat to Pamiagdluk Island. However, an exciting helicopter ride to Nanortalik! July 10 (afternoon)
Aim: locate and setup base camp.
Instead Sunday morning shopping and a delayed boat journey to Pamiagdluk.
July 11
Establish Base camp. July 12
Exploration, climbing and restdays. Diary. July 13-30
Dismantle and tidy base camp. August 1-2
Boat to Nanortalik August 2
Flight: Nanortalik - Narsarsuaq August 4
Flight: Narsarsuaq - Copenhagen August 6
Flight: Copenhagen - Stansted August 8
Transport back to Manchester August 8
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