An optimistic Tim at Clogwyn Station (Photo: Dave Shotton)  

Moel Cynghorion from the Llanberis Path (Dave Shotton)
Clogwyn Du'r Arddu in the snow (Dave Shotton)
Lester on the Llanberis Path up Snowdon (Dave Shotton)
An optimistic Tim at Clogwyn Station (Dave Shotton)

Ty Powdwr - Xmas Bash

A slightly dubious weather forecast put a few people off, so the final number of attendees was 23.

Food was eaten and merriment had. 

Only a handful of photos on my phone from the bash, exemplified by this:


“Human dustbin polishes off numerous desserts….”

Rock on 2018. 


  • Christine Beeston M
  • Jared Kitchen M
  • Emily Thompson M
  • Geri Mihalkova M
  • Steve Graham M
  • Gemma G
  • Dave Wylie M
  • Dan O'Brian M
  • Lester Payne M
  • Dave Shotton M
  • Caro C M
  • Kate Harvey M
  • Pete M
  • Laura Bond M
  • Tim Howarth M
  • Dave Dillon M
  • Emily Pitts M
  • Isabel Prause M
  • Chris Vernon G
  • John Castick M
  • Stuart Hurworth M
  • James Meakin M
  • Bethan G


Emily Pitts

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