Rock Action. - Second Place - Andy leading Sundowner - Froggat Edge (Photo: Dave Wylie)  

Jim & Andy finish Goliath's Groove, HVS 5a (Roger Dyke)
James on the 5a bit of Goliath's Groove (Roger Dyke)
Dave W despatches Ladder Cracks (Roger Dyke)
The multi-skill team head off for a run (Roger Dyke)
Jim leading Fairy Steps VS4a   Jim?  Fairy steps? (Roger Dyke)
James checking out Archangel, E3 5b (Roger Dyke)
Jarred making a smooth ascent of Archangel (Roger Dyke)
Jim putting a big cam into Fern Crack VS 4c (Roger Dyke)
Ding making a big stretch at the start of Hollybush Gully Right (Roger Dyke)
Joe taking Lester up Fairy Steps VS 4a with comprehensive ropework! (Roger Dyke)

Mountain Landscape
WINNER- Andy is dwarfed by the Upper Gorge, Rjukan, Norway, (Stuart Hurworth)
Second Place - Vernal Falls, Yosemite (Colin Maddison)
Third Place - Bristly Ridge B&W Fine Art (Sean Kelly)
Highly commended - Ladakh, India (Oi Ding Koy)
Highly commended - Schreckhorn and the Eiger from the Schwarzhorn (Andy Stratford)
Highly Commended - Maol Bhuidhe sunset (Paul Evans)

Mountain Action
WINNER - Elliot on the Crinkle Crags Bad Step (Andy Stratford)
Second Place - On Crib Goch Pinnacles (Sean Kelly)
Third Place - Geri and Andy approaching Beinn Alligin (Colin Maddison)
Highly Commended - Steve Graham on Rjukanfossen WI4 (Andy Stratford)

Rock Action
WINNER - Oli on Hangover, Haytor (Sean Kelly)
Second Place - Andy leading Sundowner - Froggat Edge (Dave Wylie)
Third Place - Dave Coley on Flashdance, Telegraph Hole (Sean Kelly)
Highly Commended - Chris Ebbutt on Groove & Slab, Anstey's Cove (Sean Kelly)

Human Interest
WINNER - Adams family outing, Uncle Fester asleep in the back (Stuart Hurworth)
Second place - Piles removed. Cheap Rates! (Dave Wylie)
Third place - Deliverance. Music Festival at Ty Powdwr (Dave Wylie)
Highly Commended - Look, James is pleased to see me (Jo Stratford)
Highly Commended - Will Mary be okay under there! (Mary Stuart)

President's Hotpot

KMC Walk meet, 23/04/17

Stanage Hathersage loop 

Present: joe Dugdale, Christine Beeston, Kate Harvey, Lorna Marsland, Mark Ashley, & Diana Richards

5 people braved the sunshine and mild breezes to join me in Hollin Top Plantation car park below Stanage edge.

The car park charges £4.50 for a day, and Kate,  on arriving was offered a ticket by Roger (on the climbing meet), and a National Trust member,  it was then pointed out that it’s not an NT car park so there was a whip round of loose change to purchase another ticket for Roger, who set off for the machine again. But Kate drove off to park for free by the road, so he was recalled, the change was redistributed, sort of, and we eventually set off.  

We made our up the climbers path to the crag, looking for the KMC climbing group as I'd been asked to, for a reason I've forgotten. We sighted them some way off and hollered and waved for a while to let them know we were going the other way. 

Our route took in a short scramble up to the path along the top. We followed this eastwards through throngs of climbers to the path leading off the edge down to cross the road, then another road and the short hike up to Higger Tor. I'd promised a stop there but forgot, and we took a break out of the wind a little way on, (when Lorna reminded me). A picnic in the sunshine, not what any us expected, and then down over the very dry moor to Millstone edge before dropping into Padley Gorge  - where we settled down for picnic lunch number 2. Those familiar with the gorge will know how popular it is on a sunny Sunday, so the path down through the woods to the Grindleford Station cafe was pretty busy.  As was the cafe, massive chip butties emerged regularly to fuel the numerous bikers sweating in their leathers. However we had a mission - loos and brews at least - so we commandeered a table for our third stop, Kate taking advantage of the time for a short nap. 

Returning to Padley Mill we took the  path west past the Martyrs Chapel, which was open. There was enough interest to go in and hear about the history - built in 1400s, Catholic priests martyred in Derby in 16th century, lovely roof beams. 

There is a footbridge back over the railway to a path down to and along the river, again bone dry ground, more sunshine, a tough day. Our next stop was Hathersage (Loos/ ice cream), before the walk out along the stream by Go Outdoors, and a relentless climb through farmland and posh properties to Carrhead rocks, via a large but placid bull, from where we had a great view of Stanage, and not too far away, the Plantation car park. Its a very pretty walk, I hope everyone enjoyed it.

Joe Dugdale