Sun 25th Oct, 1998


The Northern Howgills

Present: Tony Gask, Alan (Liverpool) Jones, Iain McCallum, Peter Walker, Keith Williams (meet leader standing in for Frank Williams).


Several factors combined to ensure that this was probably never ever going to be the most popular meet of the year. Sufficient that five members believed the weather forecast and enjoyed an invigorating walk onto The Calf in (by and large) glorious sunshine. True, it was a bit wet underfoot after the previous day's deluge but not half as bad as it is in Derbyshire or the Yorkshire Dales after a drought. And it was a bit windy at times. But splendid skyscapes were the order of most of the day - some fantastic rainbows - and lunch was taken in balmy sunshine on the col at the head of Bowderdale. Only in the last half hour did we get caught by a burst of stinging sleet as a shower slid past on its way to Cross Fell.

Fifteen pleasant miles rendered all the pleasanter for not being run as part of the Karrimor Mountain Marathon which was following the same route in reverse. What a miserable bunch of masochists they looked! But to be fair, they were the survivors of a mass drowning from the day before . . .

Keith Williams

Meet Promo:

This is expected to be a Sunday walk of classic proportions, entertaining for all. Frank will be supplying details nearer the time. Keep your ears to the ground.

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Due to Covid restrictions many meets have been cancelled and remaining meets are members only. Please check back after the restrictions are lifted.

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