Sat 31st Oct - Sun 1st Nov, 1998

Salving House, Rosthwaite Borrowdale, Lakes

Michelles Ark in Borrowdale

Meet leader : Michelle Harvie. Present ; Mark Garrod, Chris Williamson, Bob Anderson, Chris Thickett, Tony Gask, Robert Clarke, Linda Batey, Mary Stuart, Dave Dillon, Anne Woolley. Absent: all those who saw the weather forcast and Al who went to Scotland in search of ice.

It was Friday night and after 40 days and nights of rain the ark was near completion. We headed North through floods and tempest to Borrowdale, which was still surprisingly above sea level. There we were greeted by Bob and Chris who managed to leave the raging fire to make their third visit to the pub that evening.

Saturday morning came, the rain had stopped and it was warm enough to climb ( though nobody did). The KMC left the ark two by two to stride over High Spy, Dalehead, Hindscarf, and Robinson. Suncream was definitely required and our Manx member particularly enjoyed views of his homeland. That evening we braved a brief visit to the pub .This visit was shortened by a resident group of noisy young students, and the intolerance of the ever older KMC.

The sun shone again on Sunday there were expeditions over Glaramara, and High Raise, while Chris headed back having acquired enough gossip to compose his annual dinner speech. As we headed South that evening the driving rain returned, the ark may yet be required. Thanks to all who came, and a shame for those who didn't, except for Al who had had a great weekend ice climbing. The moral of this tale is to believe the meet leader not the met office.

Michelle Harvie

Meet Promo:

Autumn in Borrowdale provides plenty of walking, climbing, running ,cycling ,swimming, photography, and even a pub across the road. (You don't need your bucket and spade, Andy and Dave !) I have booked 14 places in the Fell and Rock hut at £3.00/night. If you want more information or to book, see me in the pub on Thursday nights.

Michelle Harvie

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