Sat 28th Nov - Sun 29th Nov, 1998

Working Party, Ty Powdwr

Present: Steve Taylor, Iain McCallum, Alan Wylie, Dave Wylie, Lester Payne, Emma Richards (G), Katy Winstanley (G)


The main business of this weekend was the installation of the new loo in the ladies washroom. First we had to drill a hole in the floor for the waste pipe - a rather slow, boring job. A caving expedition was then required to install the new under-floor pipe-work and splice it into the existing plumbing. Fitting the toilet bowl itself was then pretty straightforward, and a bucketful of water was immediately poured into it to stop the escaping aroma (and to test for leaks).

On Sunday the cistern was installed, with appropriate woodwork to support it, and the water feed and overflow pipes were plumbed in. The door and frame were then fitted to the cubicle, by necessity at a slight angle to allow the door to open without hitting the toilet bowl (which was as far back it could go, so please don't pan us for doing this). Emma (still in the first flush of youth) then performed the official opening of the new facility.

There's still more work to be done in this washroom, mainly the installation of a new ceiling, plastering and re-decorating. We'll also improve the lighting so that the ladies can actually see what they're doing.

Apart from the work inside the Ladies, several other jobs were done. The hallway walls were re-painted so that the position of the old blocked up doorway into the Ladies is now not so obvious. Potholes in the track were filled in, the curtains were put back up in the kitchen, and some cleaning and general maintenance was done in the dormitories.

Katy and Emma performed a public relations exercise by chatting to Mrs Brown and feeding her horses, keeping up the good relationship with our neighbour. We also discovered that the new water meter, that should have been installed for the hut, had been put into the pipe feeding Mrs Brown's farm by mistake. The water company had to come back, remove it and re-fit it in our pipe.

As has become a standard and most welcome part of a working party, Iain provided us all with his excellent soup for lunch.

Another highly successful working party, so thanks are due to everybody who helped.

Dave Wylie

Meet Promo:

This will involve anything left over from the last working do. Such as the Ladies New Loo. Get yourself down and try it out for size. Rumour has it the New Loo concept involves the implementation of the much flaunted Looinsky Report. In addition it will probably involve a lot of elbow grease if the previous meet didn't get the full quota of scrubbers and court hangers on.

Dave Wylie

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