Sun 6th Dec, 1998

Kettleshulme Walk

Members Present: Len Stubbs, Ken Beetham, Iain McCallum, Derek Seddon, Dave Summerfield, Bob Haynes, Sylvia Haynes, Joe Flynn, Duncan Lee, Dave Wylie, Sue Lee, Chris Williamson, Mark Garrod, Michelle Harvie, Margaret Baldock, Lester Payne, Pete Walker, Rick Kruze, Ruth Ashton, Dave Dillon, Lorna Marsland, Frank Williams, Margaret Williams, Alan Barber, Tony Gask, Liverpool Jones, Roger Mapleson, Brigette Mapleson, Dave Bone, Eric Hallam, Phil Ramsbottom and last but not least Sabrina Cosulich (that what it says on this list here - sorry Sabina)

Guests: Christine Beeston, Mike Graves, Heather Brooke, Adam Bradley

Apologies: Jim Gregson, Sandy Gregson


After typing that list out all I have to say is that, as the weather was faultless with unremitting sunshine to warm up a crisp frosty day, this meet was as successful as ever with most people following a familiar route, although some opted to do their own thing and others arrived later.

After some problems finding the way out of Kettlehulme we were off (I found it interesting to note how many of us have been happy to blindly follow Ken for all these years without taking any notice of the fine detail of the route).

The walk crossed over into the Goyt where we stopped for a break on the bench donated in memory of Cliff Wood. After elevenses we continued past White Hall and up to Combs Edge, where we enjoyed wonderful views as we made our way round to Castle Naze before dropping down to the Beehive at Combs for refreshments. As we left there chaos reigned until all the stragglers were rounded up and guided down to the A6 and over the last grind of the day up Taxal Edge and back to the warmth of Lens bungalow.

And that really was that, the day was too nice for controversy - and anyway he wasn't there to start it off.

Thanks to everyone who turned up, to Len for the tea and hospitality and to Eric and Ethyl for the catering - see you all next year.

Phil Ramsbottom

Meet Promo:


The Kettleshulme meet on December 6th has Phil Ramsbottom as the leader for the fuller. After yet another birthday there is no way that I can lead a walk that would satisfy the youngers and middles. Last year Lorna kindly helped out but finding the way over the local stileage is not everyone's cup of tea. However all that is traditional is not of necessity earmarked for the meets wastebin, especially at this time of the year.

I cannot guarantee Olympic qualification but may be able to lead a minor circuit leisurely no doubt to the joy of others?. All I ask is that any member taking the job remembers that most of the people who turn up don't want gutting and like a pub stop at some time during the day, also coffee late morning requires a location not in a swamp. To satisfy me of your humanities, map reading capability and bull fighting potential 0161 42V 5230 is the number required. In the meantime the walk starts from Len Stubbs Kettleshulme bungalow namely 1 Paddock Close, off Paddock Lane opposite the Bull in Kettleshulme village at 9-30 Early morning tea etc will be available from around 8-30 am. Park with care etc. Usual rules apply.

Ken Beetham

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