Sat 12th Dec - Sun 13th Dec, 1998

Christmas KMC Bash

Thank you to all cooks and kitchen hands who made the party run so smoothly and for the absolutely spiffing entertainment provided by the Games Mistress and her assistant. Special thanks to Dave Shotton for providing puddings above and beyond call of duty.

Will all cooks please contact Roger and Bridget and we will refund your expenses. Any profits will be donated to the Mountain Rescue. For those who have not paid the £6 could you also contact the above number. Thanks to all for making the party an excellent night.

Bridget Mapleson

Meet Promo:

Valiantly organised this year by Roger and Brigit Mapleson. The cost is a mere six pounds (£6.00) and will secure you the usual Welsh Sunshine and Frolics. Volunteers are required to help with providing festive food and precise decorations. Music on-line and DJ's to hand.

Anne Woolley has volunteered as the cunning stunt co-ordinator and will be on the hunt for gaming members. Everyone at the hut will be expected to partake of these humiliating and degrading games, probably in relays so everyone gets a laugh at some point. Water pistols and farty balloons should be brought along to grease the operations.

Please note:
Due to Covid restrictions many meets have been cancelled and remaining meets are members only. Please check back after the restrictions are lifted.

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