Sat 15th May - Sun 16th May, 1999

Working Party Meet

The Team: Iain McCallum, Jim Gregson, Sandy Gregson, Steve Taylor, Emma Richards(G), Alan Wylie, Lester Payne, Dave Wylie.


The Work:

All the "technical" stuff in the Ladies Washroom was completed. Steve and Dave pulled down the old ceiling and put up a new one. Dave sorted out the lighting (the cubicles now each have their own light), and moved the emergency light to be above the new doorway. All that needs doing now is re-decorating: so, ladies, if you would like to get together and choose a colour scheme, we'll tell you where the paint brushes are.

Jim and Lester panelled the far end wall of the gent's washroom, which finally finishes off the work in there. Another job ticked off the "long term" list.

While putting up the last bit of the new ceiling in the hall (deferred from the last working party because an emergency light was in the way) we found evidence of woodworm. The problem seemed to be limited to a couple of piece of old untreated wood that had been nailed in place above the ceiling for walking on. These were removed and burned, then all the surrounding woodwork was soaked with woodworm fluid to ensure that the problem doesn't spread. We'd better keep an eye on this, though hopefully the rest of the timbers used to construct the ceiling would have been suitably treated before they were put up.

Sandy did a huge amount of cleaning: windows (inside and out), cobweb removal, kitchen fans (these seem to need doing every working meet!), etc., etc., as well as clearing up after the major projects had been completed.

Emma's main job was bracken control - trampling down the new growth in the field and around the hut, hopefully reducing the quantity of unpleasant spores that blow round the area later in the year.

Alan ("assisted" by Emma) filled in pot-holes in the track, another job that always needs attention.

Alan also cleared out several loads of crud from the drainage channels behind the hut. Hopefully this will reduce the amount of damp under the building. We had a look under the dormitory floors to survey for putting in some insulation, and there's a lot of very soggy rubbish down there.

Also at the back of the hut, the lead flashing below the rear dormitory windows was coming loose, so this has now been secured and trimmed to a better fit.

Iain provided the essential tea breaks and lunches, in between providing the vital extra pair of hands for many of the other jobs.

Thanks are due to all who came along to help, so be nice to them and they might come back and do some more work next time.

Dave Wylie

Meet Promo:

Time for yet another working meet at Ty Powdwr!

Continuing on from the previous working meet in February, we intend to finish off putting up the new ceiling in the hallway and the Ladies Loo. There are various related items of work that need doing, such as sorting out the lighting. The Ladies can then be decorated if there is sufficient time. We also intend to finish off the panelling of the far end wall of the Gent's loo.

A smaller job is to put up a blackboard (possibly a suitable piece of slate) in the front porch. This was suggested at a recent meet and would be for leaving messages such as what time people are expected back off the hill, what pub they are likely to be in etc. Putting it in the porch means that messages can be left by/for people with no key to the hut.

There are also several other jobs, which may get done if we have enough time and people:

  • Survey the lower dormitory floors to plan how we are going to insulate and re-cover them
  • Put the donated "historic" ice-axe and hemp rope on display in the Lounge
  • General cleaning
  • Trample any bracken sprouting in the field

Another suggestion made recently is to paint a mural round the kitchen walls, showing the surrounding hills. We won't be doing it at this meet but if you have any thoughts on this idea, or if you are a budding Michaelangelo who wants to take this on as a project, then please let me know.

As usual volunteers are welcome, but please let me know in advance if you are planning on coming along.

Dave Wylie

Please note:
Due to Covid restrictions many meets have been cancelled and remaining meets are members only. Please check back after the restrictions are lifted.

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