Sun 23rd May, 1999

Yorkshire Grit

Members: David Wylie, Rob Allen, Chris Williamson, Dennis Gray, Ruth Ashton, Rick Kruze

Guests: Mike Howlett, Vicki.


Well it was nearly a perfect day apart from the high winds, low cloud, drizzle and cool temperatures! Philosophical questions: Is a crag still there if it's hidden in the mist? We didn't go to find out. Instead the intrepid (foolhardy?) people who travelled all that way turned around and headed to the warmth and dryness of Leeds Climbing Wall.

Spots of blue sky were noted on the way to Leeds but this was at the same time as spots of rain were falling onto windscreens so we weren't tempted by the passing of Ilkly and Otley. Instead monies were extracted and colourful routes were climbed.

Notable incidents included Rob Allen (back after his GBH on a poor Fiat car) leading the black route, Ruth on-sight flashing the new blue 6b+ and Chris Williamson's downright shoddy Ron Hill Tracksters - come on, this is the end of the 90's. Chris to see Paul Harding for dressing tips.

Just as we were going, Dennis Gray came to the Wall (hence his meet tick) and told us it has been quite nice at Shipley Glen, in fact getting too hot towards the end (#$%&*!).

Ah well, better luck next time. Ta for turning up.

Editors note: Elaine Beaulieu, Kevin Anderson and myself (Al Metelko) turned up at the meet around 12:30. It was miserable and there where no familiar cars around to indicate that any one was up at the crag. Before heading for Leeds (as was the backup plan) we visited a tea shop in Skipton, very nice. We never made it to Leeds as I spotted a small break in the clouds with a bit of blue showing through. After a circuitous journey we ended up at Almscliff and had an excellent afternoons climbing.

Rick Kruze

Meet Promo:

It's difficult writing about a forthcoming meet in May on a cold, wet and windy February afternoon but here goes....

In my continued attempts to educate these red rose types to the superiority of white rose rock I will be leading a meet to Crookrise this year. This crag sits high on the moor overlooking Skipton and the Vale of Craven. It's a bit of a walk-in by the standards of Peak Gritstone so it might even appeal to the "mountain types". Those of you put off but the prospect of having to walk to a crag, it is only 15 minute walk if you run.

Crookrise has some brilliant climbs; Slingsby's Chimney at HVD (**) is a traditional classic. It's right next door to Hovis (E1 ***) a Joe Brown testpiece where you can just about keep falling off the crux and landing safely. The slab routes are excellent: Arsenic Slab (S), Old Lace (VS), Walkover (E3) and if your feeling luck punk, there's Slip 'n' Slide (E6) - remember it's only 6a! The crack climbs are also great. Ian Bennett will delight you with his tale of The Sole; a must-do climb if a little tough at the start for HVS.

Parking is in the Sailing Club car park at the reservoir. Take a left turn along Pasture Road at the Elm Tree Inn in Embsay (2 miles north of Skipton). See me for more detailed directions if you need them.

So put on your boots, shoulder your rucksack and sing the Manchester Rambler on the approach (but not too loudly as it could upset the natives).

Rick Kruze

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Due to Covid restrictions many meets have been cancelled and remaining meets are members only. Please check back after the restrictions are lifted.

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