Sun 28th Nov, 1999

Local Fell Run, Winter Warmer

Members Present: Alan (L) Jones, Colin Maddison, Roger Mapleson, Dave Dillon, Christine Beeston, Chris Williamson, Andy Croughton, Mark Garrod, Michelle Harvey, Kevin Anderson, Al Metelko, Jim Symon, Judith Symon, Sheena Hendrie, Neville Mcmillan, Lester Payne, Sue Brooke.

Guests: Iain Bell.

Almost Present: Joan " I've drunk to much and am not feeling very well" Stuart.


The meet was advertised as a winter warmer and started on a blustery but dry winters day, perfect conditions for what I had in mind! The little jaunt started up Grindsbrook Clough, across to Crowden Tower, on past Pym Chair and Noe stool, down Jacobs Ladder and back through Upper Booth (that hill is steeper than it looks isn't it reminds me a little of Shire hill doesn't it Kevin).

The meet had 2 main contingents with one doing part of the route and a more gentle pace enjoying the freshness of the early winters day and the other toiling up Grindsbrook Clough very hard of breath (I did say it was designed to get you warm early on).

There was one person who couldn't quite decide with which contingent he was with, you know who you are, and was allegedly seen over taking "runners" going down Jacobs Ladder. Shame on you runners!!!

There were a series of quotes overheard that I feel should be reported to the club for comment:

  • Colin Maddison - I've hurt my buttock on ringing roger!!
  • Roger Maplesons response - I was no where near him guv!!
  • Guess who - I'm not running these are my pub trainers!

Navigation errors - Everybody just disappeared, Who do you think these 2 culprits are likely to be?

  • Colin runner or walker - There are several opinions one overheard was " He was definitely running downhill the B#####d".
  • ??? - Stride out!?! what the ##### (insert appropriate technical climbing term as part of the response) do you think I am doing.

I would like to propose a proper handicapping system for the next Fell race, Kevin should have his legs strapped to keep his stride to normal human levels, telescopic legs should definitely be banned. A strict definition of walking should be introduced to avoid the so called runners being too embarrassed.

I'm sure there must be more, prizes for the most ingenious!?!

Craig Marsden

Meet Promo:

The run will start from the public carpark across the road from Edale train station. Don't forget your change for the pay and display!!! The title of the run is a winter warmer so the run will take in assortment of brooks, towers, chairs, ladders, tors and booths designed to get you warm early on. The run will be about 7 to 8 miles, but there will be the possibility of a shorter circuit for those prone to cramp or other such ailments!!!

Craig Marsden

Please note:
Due to Covid restrictions many meets have been cancelled and remaining meets are members only. Please check back after the restrictions are lifted.

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