Sun 10th Dec, 2000


Members: Neville McMillan, David K Lygate, Sabina Cosulich, Duncan Lee, Chris Williamson, Joan Stewart, Jim Taylor, Vinny Goodwin, Dave Dillon, Pete Walker, Len Stubbs, Lester Payne, Phil Ramsbottom, Alan and Christine Jones, Linda Crossley, Chris Thickett, Iain McCallum, Alan (L) Jones, John, Midge and Jo Castick, Mark Garrod, Michelle Harvie, Andy Croughton, Pete Schofield, John Evans. Jim and Sandy Gregson, Frank and Margaret Williams, Lorna Marsland.

Guests: Tim Clancy, Steve Bowker, Helen Donlevy, Noel Titterington.


Many thanks to Noel Titterington and Iain McCallum for helping me out on this walk, as most of you know on the return from my holidays in the U.S.A my left calf was swollen to twice it's normal size, I had the dreaded DVT.

The walk started in dry conditions and at a good pace, at the first ridge Jim and Sandy said they were going to stay high to avoid the heavy conditions in the valley, as they didn't want to get their boots dirty! The route then dropped down to the Goyt Valley, and so did the rain.

At the Errwood Reservoir the conditions were pretty grim, and Michelle left us as she had some painting to do! In true KMC spirit Iain wanted to carry on with the walk ,wet or dry as every body was geared up for heavy rain, at this point Frank and Margaret Williams decided to go and look at the architecture of the ruins of Errwood Hall.

The route taken was up Wildmoorstone Brook, Edgemoor, Cat and Fiddle, Shining Tor, and back to Lens. Thanks to Len and Eric and Pat Holt who provided the cakes, and all the helpers for the excellent refreshments they were most welcome, and great to see the two Pete's again.

Michael Graves

Meet Promo:

The walk will take place from 1 Paddock Close, Kettleshulme.

Directions: turn off the A6 at the Whaley Bridge turnoff/roundabout, turn right at the trafic lights in Whaley, direction Macclesfield which leads to Kettleshulme in aproximatly 2 miles. Please park carefully and don't obstruct any private drives.

Route: Kettleshulm - Goyt Valley - Bunsal Cob - Wildmoorstone Brook - Burbage - Berry Clough - Cat and Fiddle pub - Shining Tor farm - back to Lens.

As this walk is on my birthday, I am hoping for good weather and a good turn out. At the request of uncle Iain to make sure that there is a pub on the walk, and to arrive there between 12 noon and 2pm, this walk will now be done anti-clockwise, which upsets my navigation.

Arrive before 9:30am for coffee, homemade Bulgarian rakia and 9:45 start.

Michael Graves

The Masses (Roger Dyke)
On a Slippery Slop (Roger Dyke)
You're having a Laugh (Roger Dyke)

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