Sat 16th Dec - Sun 17th Dec, 2000

Ty Powdyr, Christmas Bash

Members/Guests: Apologies here for not having a list of who was there, the roll call may well have been donated to Bolton Mountain Rescue Team along with the profits... I seem to remember that around 40 folk sat down to eat.

In December 1999 I remember cheerfully volunteering to cook the food for next year's bash... in November it occurred to me that a fair-sized undertaking was before me when the names on the list began to accumulate...So it was that on the morning of Friday 15th that a Volkswagen was stuffed chock full of various vegetables, fruit, flour and pulses... "cheers mate, my kids can have presents now" said the happiest greengrocer in Warrington. After careful study of recipes, and prayers before my list of volunteers in the Team Skinny monastery ("I'm working, mate, can't get out of it" said Brother Scumbag, with a mildly relieved air), I set forth with parsnips rolling around the dashboard.

Saturday...Up at nine, with a determined-looking Mr Beetham waiting, I ventured out under leaden skies (the President having commandeered my cagoule and departed with the Treasurer to Clogwyn y Ddsgyl) to unload the ingredients...the task of getting the carrots and leeks past Scylla and Charibdis (the most assertive of the in-situ cattle) was onerous, and although officially I did no climbing on this meet, the leg-press move to carry the carrots past the large ruminants onto the steps felt like solid 4c.

Much chopping, kneading (respect to Rosin and Sabina) boiling, simmering and frying was done, the presence of the mighty Ken, flashing knife in hand was an the day progressed various of the KMC and one or two prospectives arrived to assist (goodbye mince pies). At one point a dozen or more were engaged in the preparations, a top effort and most appreciated - particular praise for Kevin with the parsnips and the magnificent Presidential Custard (a gallon and a half, with spoon at 90 degrees!). Also entertaining were Professor Shotton's 34th Absinthe Jelly Experiment and Wavy Davy's Lone Ranger disguise. At eight the food was ready and the host descended.

My experience of the rest of the meet (apart from losing in the pick-up-the-disappearing-carton-with-your-teeth semi-finals) was sadly limited and I missed the quiz and other capers, but many folk walked and some climbed on either or both days. I couldn't face cooking on Sunday so descended to Pete's with Tim. Too many vegetables were purchased, so folk were able to return home with sprouts or mushrooms. Thanks to all present for a most enjoyable bash - even the bottles of colourful liquid (6th prize from the annual dinner) were opened...

John Evans

Meet Promo:

This will be occurring over the weekend of 16th/17th December at Ty Powdwr, with food, revelry and capers of various sorts on Saturday 16th. I am organising the food this year, here is an outline of what I'm planning?

Starter: Leek & Potato Soup

Main Course: Vegetarian Hotpot & various other veg. including Roast Parsnips & Carrots (and obviously Sprouts) with one or two trimmings.

Dessert: Crumble (probably Plum) with Custard & Brandy Butter.

Also available in all likelihood will be Mulled Wine (of as yet indeterminate strength). I shall make some Mince Pies as well, but bringing small amounts of similar stuff would be a good idea for everyone

If anyone wants meat (or other requests), fine, you can either talk to me (about what to do with a turkey) or maybe prepare it yourself on the day. I will need around 7-8 helpers if all is to go smoothly and will be asking folks in the next couple of weeks.

The cost will be £5.00, and I am already putting names and who's paid on a list - earlier the better! I'll be in the pub Thursdays from 23rd November, alternatively e-mail/whatever. If a profit is made, I thought we could give it to a mountain rescue team perhaps.

See You There!

John Evans

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