Sat 29th Sep - Sun 30th Sep, 2001


Members present : Bob. Anderson, Martin Heaton, lain McCallum, Lester Payne, Zoë Talks, Steve Taylor, Chris Thickett, Frank Williams, Margaret Williams, Alan Wylie, Dave Wylie.

Guests present: Martin Wilcock, Emma Richards and William Taylor (aged 4!)


Another very successful working party. A good start was made on Friday with the delivery of the timber cladding, door frame, cement, lime and sand by C. L. Jones(B) Ltd. to lain and Lester at the hut. The weather, however, did not co-operate entirely and although it was fine on Saturday, on Sunday the rain fell in sheets and the wind blew all day.

Tasks accomplished:

  • Dormitories: Elidir Fawr - Timber cladding of internal front wall completed, plywood floor installed and cork flooring partly laid. (Bob, Chris, lain) Glyder Fawr - Timber cladding of the ceiling completed ( Steve, Dave and Alan) Timber coving installed in both dorms ( Steve and Dave) and all new timber varnished with at least one coat of varnish ( Martin H. Martin W. and Lester)

  • Rear wall gutter repaired (by Frank and Alan in the pouring rain!)

  • Car park perimeter wall - rebuilding and and levelling of the reduced wall commenced (Lester and Martin W.)

  • Cleaning: Washrooms - showers, toilets, wash basins( Iain and Zoë) Kitchen - fans, cooker, hobs, utensils ( Lester, Martin H. Margaret) Windows inside and out (Zoë)

  • Minor tasks - many e.g. repairing fan in gents (Dave) oiling all latches and hinges (Alan)

  • Drying Room: All equipment tested and found to be in good order. Test carried out on two ropes A hawser laid nylon rope and a kernmantel rope, both thoroughly soaked with water. The dehumidifier dried them in five hours - using 2kW of electric heating - temperature 23C. The ropes were spread out to assist the drying process.

  • Lunch was provided by Iain.

Thanks to everybody who supported the meet for all their hard work.

Iain McCallum

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William Taylor helping Dave and Steve (Alan Wylie)

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