Sun 7th Oct, 2001


Members: Lester Payne, Pete Walker, Anthony Mannion, Mark Garrod, Dave Dillon, Brian Street, Vincent Goodwin, Al Metelko, Linda Crossley, Sheena Hendrie, Neville McMillan, Christine Beeston, Roger Dyke, Jim Symon, Judith Symon, Ann Sanderson, Frank Williams, Margaret Williams, Alan Peck, Dave Wylie, Chris Williamson, Sabina Cosulich, Michelle Harvie, Andrew Croughton.

Guests: Dan Jackson, Julie Kennington, Alan James, Roger Daley, Dan Crebel, Steve Chandler, Kate Sparks.


Yet another successful Laddow meet thanks to all the tea drinkers in the club. All the classic routes were climbed by more than one group of climbers making the most of the fair weather before the rain kicked in for the afternoon. In between climbs over 50 cups of tea were drunk, two birthday cakes were eaten as well as lots of homemade chocolate chip cookies that seemed to be more chocolate than cookie (thanks Sabina).

There is not much more I can say about this meet other than it is still one of the classic meets on the KMC calendar and I look forward to continued support in the future.

I would also like to thank Ken Beatham for making the meet what it is today through his years of tea brewing in the past, and hope that 2002 will see lots more KMC'ers doing penguin impersonations trying to stay warm in the cave on September 29th cheers Andrew.

Andrew Croughton

Meet Promo:

A traditional crag meet and an annual KMC social gathering.

Meet at the Crowden car park 9.30/10.00am or make your own way across the tops to the crag and meet us in the cave. The usual mix of cups of tea in the cave, birthday cake and climbing in the sun,

I will be leading this meet for the first time this year but hope Ken will turn up to show me how to make tea, as I never drink the stuff. Walkers are welcome to drop in for a brew on their way by in order to get a tick on the meet. All those interested please let me know at the pub on Thursday, or by telephone.

See you in the cave.

Andrew Croughton

Tea in the cave (Roger Dyke)
Sheena and Neville (Roger Dyke)
Sabina (Roger Dyke)
Neville (Roger Dyke)
Jim, Sheena and Chris (Roger Dyke)

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