Sun 23rd Feb, 2003

Winter Run

Members present: Jim and Judith Symon, Peter Walker, Roy Lee, Al Metelko, Sue Brooke, Duncan Lee, Christine (what- fell running?) Beeston, Dave Wylie, Dave Dillon, Alan (Liverpool) Jones, Craig Marsden, Kevin Anderson, Frank (ultra-fit) Williams, Roger (chain saw) Dyke, Mark Ashley, James Richardson.

Guests: Ivy Limbrick, Ivy Lee, Peter Gilligan, Paul O'Neil, Ian Crook, Scott ?


The start of the day didn't look too promising at the Whaley Bridge Café:

  1. had I cooked enough soup for everyone?
  2. was I going to stop eating the delicious cakes Ethel Hallam had made before everyone else got a look in?

The weather looked a bit gloomy but at the time this seemed a plus point, as I thought the sunshine might tempt keen climbers away from running (any excuse!).

Roy arrived first, to claim his biscuits and cakes. The crowds followed in looking keen; I was running out of excuses.

The first group of walkers set off with an ambitious plan but not many maps. However, I knew that in Sue's capable hands they were going to make it back for certain (!).

For the runners, the plan was to start off as a pack, with one group turning back from Taxal Edge to make a shorter loop (~5-6 miles) and one group continuing on to extend the run to 10 (!!) miles. I, of course, had to lead the former group home, in order to get back and prepare the food. Duncan had to lead the long run. The weather had turned to glorious sunshine by now.

At the point of splitting off, the interesting dynamics of the group meant that, although they may have wanted to, the testosterone levels of some members of the pack would not allow them to admit to being tired, so they carried on the long route. Unbeknown to them, Roy and Peter, who had been very kind in putting up with the easy gentle pace until then, had decided to show the youngsters what running is actually all about.

This meant that upon their return, about 12 miles later, Craig, Duncan, Al and Kevin looked the worst for wear, whereas Roy and Peter looked like they had just been for a gentle stroll in the park. At this point, I was wondering why Roy was covered in blood. Was this the youngsters revenge? I was assured it had been only a minor incident with a bush, but I was not convinced.

Notwithstanding the fact that some people could not stand up any more, a lot of soup (!) was had by all (two bowls compulsory!). Luckily even a group of climbers turned up to help finish the food. Removing Kevin from the sofa and dispatching him home was the only hard task left for the day.

Many thanks to all those who took part, all those who kindly took some soup home, to Ethel for being extremely helpful yet again and to Al for chopping all the vegetables for the soup!!

Sabina Cosulich

Meet Promo:

Come along for a stomp up the hills around Whaley Bridge!

We are planning to run two courses of approx 10 and 6 miles, starting from the Whaley Bridge Café' at 11.00am. Walkers also welcome (though they may have to wait for the runners!).

Soup and refreshments will be provided at the end.

Please bring your own maps - you know how bad our navigation can be!

Give us a ring if you are thinking of taking part or email us.

See you there!

PS- As for all other meets, please try to use public transport or share cars as much as possible.

Sabina Cosulich

Pause for breath (Dave Dillon)
Rain Dance? (Dave Dillon)
The Rear Guard (Dave Dillon)
A quick route (Dave Dillon)
Ready for Takeoff! (Dave Dillon)

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