Sun 16th Jan, 2005

Winter Walk

Full Ticks: Members: Christine Beeston, David Whittingham, John Evans, Lester Payne, Bob Haynes, Alan Jones, Margaret Williams and James Richardson.

Full Ticks: Guests: Kate Sparks, Richard Turner and Skippy the Dog.

Half Ticks: Members: Pete Walker and Alan Peck


One of my better attended meets, even I managed to turn up at this one!

After releasing that I probably wouldn't be able to complete my entire walk on a winters day John suggested that we got the bus up to the far end of Derwent.

I managed to meet the K.M.C. just about on time and we caught the 10.33 to Kings Tree from Stanage Popular End. It is then a short walk up to the edge below Margery Hill, we then followed the edge to Howden Dean and cut off across roughish terrain to join the Derwent Edge path which included a small river crossing. Around this time a mutiny occurred as half the team stopped for lunch, they then rejoined us at the designated lunch stop at Back Tor. With the harder part of the walk over we then proceeded along the Derwent and then up and along Stanage Edge, finishing in the dark. At some stage along Stanage it was noticed that Alan Peck was no longer with us and no one had seen him for a couple of hours, I hope you got back okay Alan! The only other half tick goes Pete Walker who strolled in the opposite direction hoping to meet us at some stage, we never did meet up.

An unconventional meet but I believe everyone enjoyed the walk, you get to walk in some of the less visited parts of the Peak. We had pretty good weather for the time of year and fantastic sky and scenery throughout.

James Richardson

Meet Promo:

Meet at 10.00am at Stanage Popular End, If I am not there I am probably in Robin Hoods Cave so come and find me.

We shall head off below Stanage and down to the Derwent reseviour, depending how bad the weather is will determine how far we walk up the Derwent. We will then join Derwent Edge and head back to Stanage Northern End and along Stanage Edge to finish. Finally we can head to Hathersage for a pint or a cup of tea.

Walk distance will be between 8 and 20 miles depending on the weather and how everyone feels (bring a head torch if the weather looks good).

James Richardson

Waiting for a bus (James Richardson)
A pause (James Richardson)
Are we lost yet? (James Richardson)
Keen to be off (James Richardson)

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