Sun 23rd Jan, 2005

Whaley Bridge Winter Run

Members present: Pete Walker, Iain McCallum, Joe Flynn, Chris Thickett, Keith Williams, Pete Scholefield, Julie O'Regan, Mark Garrod, Michelle Harvie, Ken Beetham, Dave Wylie, Dave Dillon, Sheena Hendrie, Craig Marsden, Trish Cranston, Alan L. Jones, Robert Clark, Brian Taylor, Kate Sparks, Ivy Lee (x2!), Sue Brooke, Heather Brooke, Roy Lee

Guests: Mark?; Karen?


The meet leader had booked beautiful weather for the day, so many KMCers turned up at the Whaley Bridge Café'. Not surprisingly, the walkers were the first to turn up and keenest to get out in the hills. The runners had a more leisurely start- thankfully. Most of us were relieved to find out that poor Thomas Marsden was ill and unable to come on the run. Phew! -once again we had managed to avoid embarrassment from the young lad outrunning the rest of us. We already had the old age pensioners to keep up with! Three routes were run on the day- a short route (3-4 miles), a medium length route (~5-6 miles) and a long route (~10-12 miles). The walkers, of course, went on an even longer route over Shining Tor. Most of us got back in a reasonable state?. well?.nearly reasonable for KMC standards. This year, I didn't even have to force three helpings of soup on everyone- we had just about enough when the last (keen) walkers turned up at dusk.

Many thanks to everyone who came along to support the meet. It was a really enjoyable day.

Sabina Cosulich

Meet Promo:

Come and join us for yet another winter run! The usual format will apply- we will start from the Whaley Bridge Café at approx 11.00am. The shorter course will be approximately 6 miles, the longer approx 10-12 miles. Walkers are welcome - as long as they do not overtake the runners.

I will provide soup and refreshments for all. See you all there!! I am off to do some training so I can keep up with Thomas Marsden!!

Sabina Cosulich

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