Sun 22nd May, 2005


Members Present: Sabina Cosulich, Rob Allen, Dave Dillon, Trish Cranston, Sheena Hendrie

Guests: David Bish, Amanda, Katie, Kate Sparks


With a shortage of ropes between us, the climbers amongst the first arrivals ended up in 2x3 combinations. Hence Rob, Sab and I started up Jackdaw Grooves (but ended up Broken Toe Groove) while David, Katie and Amanda headed for Cat's Eye. On arrival Dave and Trish enjoyed Cougar Cleft, Kate was sociable and then went for a walk without touching limestone. We all ate Kit Kats at half time.

Having changed ends, David et al went for Jackdaw Grooves, and Rob et al moved to Manx, and Dave and Trish went walking. In extra time Rob, Sab and I ticked Golden Yardstick, by far the best route of the day.

Noises off were provided by the traffic on the main road - thanks ot those who came on what turned out to be an indifferent May day.

Sheena Hendrie

Meet Promo:

This is the Blurb on my meet at Wildcat Crag, Matlock Bath. (See Peak Limestone South to decipher the following information).

I have it on great authority (from the Sphynx) that the weather on Sunday May 22nd will be the Catalyst between spring and summer. So I expect a good turnout on this meet, including attendance from our resident Manx(man). In Echo(s) of Times Past if Neville and Roger turn up it could even by The Return of the Old Tigers.

There is a good choice of routes at VS/HVS on this crag - by the (Golden) Yardstick of limestone crags this a friendly one! Derek's Dilemna will be to decide on whether to go on Lorna's walk or come and support the climbers. Jackdaw Grooves and Cougar Cleft are good starters, but avoid Catastrophe Grooves unless you want a Cataclysm(ic) experience or are Lobo.

Apart from the bikers on the A6 using up their Nine Lives, the atmosphere is very pleasant with the cliff west facing. The meet leader may bring a plentiful supply of Kit-e-Kat(s) in order to ensure we don't get complaints from any Sourpuss(es). However I'm not bringing a Singing Kettle - this is not the Laddow meet.

Those from the Lunatic Asylum can climb until the Midnight Sun sets and if you Recoil in horror from that, Paws for Thought before settling to sleep with Confused Dreams.

So - turn up or miss out on a Cracker Jack of a meet!

I'll be at the Black Cat area around 10:30 - see you there.

Sheena Hendrie

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