Five people (and one dog) turned out this evening. They didn't actually make it all the way up to the main crag, as they were distracted by all the bouldery goodness lower down. Many of the boulder problems were attempted and, in most cases, solved. The claim was even made that all the problems listed in the guide for the "Sugar Loaf" boulder had been conquered. Further up the hill, however, on "Shell Shot", one problem proved to have a harder than expected finish. Roger Daley lost traction about 15 feet up on a 4c move. Fortunately he escaped with only abrasion injuries, as the superb friction between the gritstone and his leg slowed the descent. The final boulder, the "Matterhorn", proved to have some excellent problems, including an easy but superb arête. As was often the case, the descent from the top proved to be more unnerving than getting up there in the first place... An excellent evening's bouldering, but not a large turnout. Where was everyone else? Wimps, the lot of them!

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