Sat 28th May - Mon 30th May, 2005

Ty - Powdwr Curry Meet

That time of year again, when the conditions always seem to be showery in Snowdonia. Due to not havng gone there on the last two Spring Bank Holidays on account of rain (Duncan and Colin excepted as usual!) I'm not even going to mention where I'm hoping to climb (to avoid of tempting fate...) Suffice to say that on Saturday 28th the usual curries will be cooked by myself and my glamourous assistants. For those wishing to partake, it's 2 quid for the food: 4xveg. curries, popodoms, samosas and rice. Anyone wanting to contribute will be given high praise free of charge. I'll be at the pub on Thursday 26th to guage interest levels. With luck much climbing on certain North-facing cliffs will be possible, and if so I hope to avoid repeating my superb illustration (last July) of how pendulums work. I could get a job working inside a big grandfather clock...

John Evans

Al and Kevin (Sheena Hendrie)
Al (Sheena Hendrie)
Cwm Idwal (Sheena Hendrie)
Dave (Sheena Hendrie)
Hawks Nest (Sheena Hendrie)
At the Hut (Sheena Hendrie)
Julie (Sheena Hendrie)
Summit Team (Sheena Hendrie)
Peter arrives at the belay (Peter Walker)
Peter seconding (Peter Walker)
Roger leading (Peter Walker)
Roger placing gear (Peter Walker)
Roger arriving at the belay (Peter Walker)
Roger admiring Tryfan (Peter Walker)
Belaying (Peter Walker)
Roger on the lead (Peter Walker)
Peter seconding (Peter Walker)
Roger coiling (Peter Walker)
Roger leading (Peter Walker)
Roger leading (Peter Walker)

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