Sat 27th May - Mon 29th May, 2006

Not the Curry Meet

Photographs from a group who headed off to the Hut and climbed in Ogwen.

Meet Promo:

For various reasons, not least of which being the fact that the crag which translates as the "Black Cliff of the Black Height" has not been in good condition (for individuals lacking in skill, courage and application such as myself) for all three previous attempts, this year's Cloggy/Curry meet will be postponed to "High Summer" (that's what they call it at Pete's Eats anyway!) to coincide with the 'Hut Adventures' meet on 5 - 6 August.

Thus the second May Bank Holiday will simply be the usual free-for-all (unless intrepid cooks take matters into their own hands...). A more detailed promo (and Menu!) will appear in the course of the summer - the usual array of spicy and/or aromatic creations will be available.

Meanwhile rumours that the chief protagonist of previous Curry Meets was roundly admonished by his General Practitioner last June for the manifold wrongs he had inflicted upon his alimentary canal continue to circulate...

Watch this space!

John Evans

Crowds on Gashed Crag from 1st Pinnacle Ridge (James Richardson)
David at bottom of Milestone Buttress (James Richardson)
David at top of Great Tower (James Richardson)
Moel Eilio from the hut (James Richardson)
Goat at top of Great Tower (James Richardson)
Descent from Bristly Ridge below Tryfan, looking across to Y Garn (James Richardson)
Looking across to Snowdon from hut track (James Richardson)

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