Wed 24th May, 2006


This crag was originally developed by the KMC, in the early days of the Club. The local farmer didn't like the idea of people climbing there and tried to blow up the crag! Several years later, some members went back and did lots of new routes on the re-shaped outcrop. The farmer then blew it up again. The current routes were put up by climbers who were not from the KMC. Hopefully, now that it is on designated Access Land, it should be safe to climb there without fear of detonation. A fine, though rather cool, evening only tempted three KMCers out to this infrequented crag: Dave Wylie, Mark Ashley and Andy Grantham. In addition, on the way in, Dave encountered Gary Cook who was out for a walk, but not climbing. Dave soloed/bouldered some micro-routes on the craglets on the edge marked as "Yellow Slacks" on the map, before proceeding to the main crag ("Dog Rock", according to the Ordnance Survey). Here he found Mark starting up his first route: Curbstones (V-Diff). Andy and Dave followed him up this. Next, Mark decided to have a go at Mantelshelf Buttress (Hard V-Diff). Perhaps this was a poor choice, as he revealed that he can't actually mantelshelf! Instead, he ended up in the grassy corner off to the left of the lower part of the route. By the time Andy and Dave had also scrambled up this, it was getting late and very cold, so they called it a day. Where was everybody else? Who were the climbers on Shelf Benches on the other side of the valley? Who left the broken vacuum flask littering the craglets? Will anybody turn up at Cow's Mouth Quarry Next Week? Find out, if you can...

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