Wed 31st May, 2006

Cow's Mouth Quarry

This proved to be popular venue. Al Metelko, James Richardson, Vicky Alderton, Dave Wylie, Duncan Lee, Robert Clark, Mark Ashley, John Cox, Roger Daley, Dave Bish, Jamie, Mel, Wozzname and Erm all turned up at this evening's meet. Much soloing was done (though the final moves were avoided on routes where the finish was too chossy). Plenty of roped action too, including aid ascents of "Overhanging Crack"!! The neighbouring route, "Z Crack" also proved interesting: Mr. Clark did a good lead, but Mr. Bish was repulsed by the finishing moves - though he did later cleanly second it. Other routes, such as "Sandy Crack", "The Romeo Error", "Flake Crack", "Groove", "Groovin", "Cornette", "Route One", etc., etc. all saw plenty of attention as well. At least one person disappeared into the bowels of "Curving Chimney", though exactly how/where/if they emerged is not clear. As the sun started to drift towards the horizon, the quarry was gradually abandoned for the warmth of "The White House" pub - the early absconders just managing to make it there in time to get the last two portions of chips before the kitchen closed! Once everybody was in attendance, the full democratic process began to select the crag for next week. The Webmaster's suggestions of Pordenack Point, Fox Promontory and Chair Ladder weren't taken seriously, even though they will be "local" for him at the time of the next meet...

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Due to Covid restrictions many meets have been cancelled and remaining meets are members only. Please check back after the restrictions are lifted.

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