Sun 14th Jan, 2007

Peak Winter walk

Saturday - Climbing at Lawrence Field.

Members: James Richardson, Keen Andy, Al Metelko, Karen.


Andy turned up at the advertised time of 10.30am, I on the other hand thought that since the weather was so nice there would be plenty of people there and I could get some odd jobs done in the morning. When I turned up at 1pm Andy was still waiting for someone to climb with. Karen turned up around 2pm and Al at 3pm just in time to squeeze one more route in. Ended up being a fantastic day to get the first routes of the year done.


Sunday - Walking Around Chew.

Members: James Richardson, Iain McCallum, Phil Ramsbottom, Dave Bish, Dave Wylie, Al Metelko, Trish, Joanne Castick and Mark. Guests: Richard, Nicoletta.


Sorry if I have missed anyone from the attendees list. Another good January day saw the KMC leaving the meet leader behind and forcing him to run and catch up. Most of us went up Wilderness Gully, which had a reasonable stream running down the back of it. We all met up again at Laddow for lunch sunbathing outside of the cave. Al and Dave Bish did a few laps of Long Climb while the rest of us headed around to Lads Leap. With various people disappearing to take their own routes we finally all met up again at the top of Wimberry. A good short, winter walk which I think everyone enjoyed, despite the complaints about lack of footpaths (no paths - all the better, Ed.).

James Richardson

Meet Promo:

The January Peak District Walk will occur on Sunday 14th January. We will meet in the car park at Dovestones reservoir. We will then head up the valley floor towards the upper dam, those feeling keen can romp up Wilderness Gully, those not so brave can use one of the other gullies to reach the moor edge. We will then head over to Laddow for lunch in the cave. In the afternoon we will walk around the moor edge to Lads Leap and then as dusk falls we will head back across the moor to Wimberry.

Bring a head torch and a warm flask. Meet at 10am. For those need a lift please contact me before Thursday so I can organise car shares.

On Saturday weather permitting I will aim to have a climbing half of the meet at Lawrencefield. See you all there from 10.30 onwards.

James Richardson

Chew (James Richardson)

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