Sat 27th Jan - Sun 28th Jan, 2007

Working Party Meet

Members: James Richardson, Iain McCallum, John Evans, Al Metelko, Dave Whittingham, Wavey, Dave Wylie, Kirsten (although she wasn't yet a member), Roger Daley.

Guests: Anja Wermeling, Annie.


Again my deepest apologies if I have missed your name from the attendees list. We managed to get quite a bit done this weekend including digging a hole to see what was at the bottom of it, moving mud from one pile to another, moving sticks from one pile to another, hunting for small vermin and giving a gorse bush a hair cut.

James Richardson

Meet Promo:

The main purpose of the working party is to give the hut a good clean. Some work may needed on the track and ditches following the autumn/ winter rain. Some woodworm has been detected and a survey needs to be carried out to establish its extent. Lunch will be provided on Saturday.

NOTE: On Monday 15th January 2007 Cybi Limited is due to carry out work on the Hut's electrical system to improve its earthing and to test its integrity.

If people are interested in coming on this working meet please contact James or Iain. There will, as usual, be lots of work interrupted by lots of tea and the occasional soup break.

James Richardson

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