Sun 10th Jun, 2007

Stanage Popular End

Members: Colin Maddison, Mark Ashley, Zoe Talks, Martin Heaton, Trish Cranston, Dave Dillon, Ken Beetham, Roger Dyke, Dave Wylie, Cathy Gordon, Joe Flynn.

Guests: Ian Dinning, Clare Bailey, James Hoyle, Kasia Hoyle, Gary Cook, Kirsten Mundt, Richard Yorke, Alex Vidouris, Roisen Maddison and Alex Heaton.


Well the sun was out and everything seemed like it was going to plan (although I arrived late). Unfortunately I hadn't counted on the midges descending on Stanage Edge and eating everyone alive. Even with the midges, everyone was keen to climb with many of the classics in the area having multiple ascends during the course of the day including Heaven Crack, Martello Buttress and Martello Cracks. After several routes and multiple midge bites later I boldly left the crag in search of ice cream, leaving braver KMCers to battle on against the midges.

Heather Driscoll

Meet Promo:

Please note change of date.

The current plan is to meet at Mississippi Buttress area at about 10am for a fun filled day of Gritstone climbing.

Heather Driscoll

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