Sat 30th Jun - Sun 1st Jul, 2007

Kinder North

The kinder meet was rained off. I went for a walk around the southern edge on the Friday evening before the rain arrived - the southern edge was still green in sheltered spots. I drove over the snake pass on Saturday and confirmed that it would be very miserable on the top of Kinder. (Definitely not an entry for the Golden Biro award, could do better. Ed)

James Richardson

Meet Promo:

Meet underneath Chinese Wall at 11pm on 30th June. Climbing will occur on Chinese Buttress and then Misty Wall on Saturday. On Sunday we will climb further along Ashop Edge. I plan to Bivi on top of Kinder on Saturday night so bring some sleeping kit, dinner and a bottle or 2 of wine.

Please note that plans may change depending on weather and/or midges.

James Richardson

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