Sat 8th Sep - Sun 9th Sep, 2007

Malham Camping

Saturday: Malham Left Wing

Members: Vicky Alderton, Duncan Lee, Robert Clark, Dave Wylie, Andy Grantham, Bridget Mapleson, Ann Sanderson, Rob Allen, Al Metelko.

Guests: Paul Botham, Chris Williams.


As ordered, the sun was making an appearance as Duncan, Robert and I headed out to Yorkshire?..slightly later than planned! By the time we'd put up the tents we had acquired Andy, who'd come searching us out, and by the crack of noon we finally made it to the crag.

Having found nobody at the designated spot on arrival, Al had, as Al does, taken to soloing. We left him to it as we slowly geared up, in the now blazing sun, and before we even touched rock, we'd been joined by Chris, Dave, Ann, Bridget, Rob and Paul. There were mumblings of "it's too hot to climb" & 'sunbathing' was mentioned once or twice??but eventually we managed a number of climbs with mass ascents of Straight Crack, Crazy Paving, Pikestaff, Flake Wall and Original Route to name a few. All in all, a beautiful, sunny, leisurely day of climbing was enjoyed by all, well, nearly all.

Robert and Andy's expressions were not ones of amusement as a rather large, dislodged block came hurtling towards them. Luckily nobody was hurt, so feeling in need of a pint we headed to the pub.

The crux of the day came at the bar, where getting served was nigh on impossible, and 'service with a smile' was certainly not something they'd heard of! This was followed by a debacle over the table we'd chosen to sit at for food??..which apparently was 'reserved', although our telepathic skills had failed us on this occasion, so we were blissfully unaware until we tried to order our food! This led to us being upgraded to the waiter service, guests only dining area. We soon lowered the tone!


Sunday: Rylstone

Members: Vicky Alderton, Duncan Lee, Robert Clark, Dave Wylie, John Cox, Mark Ashley.

Guests: Chris Williams & Mike.


The next day proved to be not quite so obliging with the weather, but at least the rain held off. So, having been joined by John and a newcomer to the club, Mike (hope I got that right), we started the 45 minute, uphill walk into Rylstone for another day of fun climbing?

Well, that was the plan anyway! Having eyed up a couple of nice looking climbs I emptied my sack to find (or not as the case was) my shoes! Hmmmmm? not a good start and after pondering the situation decided to follow some routes in rock boots 3 sizes too large. This seemed preferable to walking back to the car for my spare boots and back up the hill. Everyone else, including Mark who'd just arrived, seemed eager, despite the chilling wind, to have a go at the 3 star classics President's Slab and Dental Slab. I think people had a good day although my mind was slightly pre-occupied with thoughts of where my 'almost new, expensive' boots had gone. A blat back to Malham left wing proved fruitless so the mystery continued? I have now named Rob 'The Thief' and I believe my boots had a lovely day out in Chorlton!!

Vicky Lee

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The weekend plan is fabulous sunshine, lots of climbing of the limestone and gritstone variety - so something for everyone, good company, fine beer and camping!

UPDATE - 06/09/2007

The campsite has changed to the Gordale Scar campsite. To get to this take the sign out of Malham for Gordale (Gordale Lane) - it's on this road about 1m.

Prices are:

£3 per person

£2 per small tent

£3 per large tent

£2 per car

I'll be arriving at the campsite early Saturday and will be climbing on the left wing of Malham from 11 onwards. Please let me know if you intend to camp so I can book places.



When you think of Malham the first thing that springs to mind is hard routes, well actually, very hard routes! This is certainly true but for the slightly less 'gnarly climbers' there's still loads to go at. Out on the left wing there's everything from VD to extremes with starred routes like Flake Wall, S and Crazy Paving, VS all worth a go. The right wing also offers amenable grades and is particularly good for the VS to HVS leader with lots of 3 star routes to be found. Saturday night will most likely be spent in the very good, local pub.



Climbing at Rylstone, just a short drive from Malham. Should be there, at the aptly named Warm up Buttress, from about 11 (ish!). I can't say a lot about Rylstone as I've never been but it looks good in the guide!

Vicky Lee

A windy belay (Vicky Lee)
Bridget on Straight Crack (Vicky Lee)
John on Dental Slab (Vicky Lee)
Rob following Straight Up (Vicky Lee)
This time it's Roberts turn on Dental Slab (Vicky Lee)

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