Wed 12th Sep, 2007

Tonacliffe Quarry

A superb, warm and sunny, evening tempted out eight KMC members and guests: Dave Wylie, Mark Ashley, Al Metelko, James Hoyle, Richard Yorke, James Cox, Des Chadderton and Gordon. There was one other climber in the quarry early on, but he took flight soon after the KMC began to arrive. There was also a brief Special Guest Appearance by Derek Clutterbuck (of this very quarry's "Layaway Wall" fame)! Most of the low and mid grade routes were climbed by the masses, while some of the harder ones were tackled by Al and Des. The daylight began to run out before 8pm, but that didn't stop the KMC. Various attempts on "The Ceiling" (the 5a roof problem) were made - some successful, others less so - by the light of head torches...

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