Sun 23rd Sep, 2007


A local crag, with a mountain feel, and a great venue for everyone with routes of all grades. If people want the customary mass brew in the cave the arrangement will have to be similar to last year? I will carry in a couple of litres of water, milk, sugar, tea bags and nibbles but I do not have a kettle, suitable stove, teapot or tea cosy! Any volunteers to supply the missing items and to carry in additional water, further supplies of nibbles, will be greatly received. Anyway, if we can't get it together and I cannot offer the usual bribe of a brew, I hope that in true KMC tradition there will still be a good turn out and a day to remember.

Plan is to meet at the car park in Crowden at 10.00am to start the long slow walk in. I am sure that late comers will pass me on the way up and arrive at the crag before me?

Sue Brooke

Al Leads Tower Arête (Dave Dillon)
Al Posing For Cameras (Dave Dillon)
Cakes Ahoy (Dave Dillon)
Des On Cave Arête Indirect (Dave Dillon)
Elevenses (Dave Dillon)
Girding Of Loins (Dave Dillon)
Joe On The Green Fur Of North Climb (Dave Dillon)
Just Rewards (Dave Dillon)
Preparing For Battle (Dave Dillon)
The Vital Brew Machine (Dave Dillon)

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