Wed 26th Sep, 2007


It had been too wet to go out climbing at Heptonstall on September 19th, but the evening of the 26th was bright and sunny at this West facing quarry - which was also nicely sheltered from the cool Easterly breeze. Dave Wylie arrived at around 5pm and spent about an hour bouldering on (the easy side of) the Cubic Block. Al Metelko and Andy Grantham then arrived, so attention moved to the main quarry. Dave led "Fairy Steps" (Hard Severe, 4b, two pitches). While Andy was seconding pitch 1, there was a short, very light, shower. This was, however, of no consequence as most of the route and the belay were completely sheltered under the overhanging top of the crag! Even the top pitch somehow managed to stay dry. By the time Dave and Andy had completed the route, it was dark. This didn't stop Al, though, who followed up the as third man by the light of his head-torch. An excellent route at this fine evening venue. A short walk into Heptonstall village for a quick pint at one of the pubs. The usual voting system fell by the wayside, as three people aren't really enough - particularly if they all nominate a crag... However, general consensus formed following a suggestion by Al: Den Lane Quarries have apparently been cleaned up and provided with lower-offs, so they must deserve a visit!

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