Sun 18th Nov, 2007

West Yorkshire Walk

Hebden Dale Round

Attendees: Frank and Margaret Williams, Iain McCallum, Robert Clark, Dave Wylie, Trish Cranston, Al Metelko, Pete Walker, Sue Brooke, Lorna Marsland, Linda Crossley, Christine Beeston, Michelle Harvie, Mark Garrod.

Guests: Anita Williams, Peter Hughes, Kaveh Moravej.


Psychic or mad; I'm not sure which. The forecast was for continuous cold rain, plus storms later, so psychic if you really believed it was going to be half reasonable and not drown and freeze us, as it turned out, or otherwise mad for coming.

16 of us departed Heptonstall on the Calderdale Way, only for one to return to pick up newcomer Kaveh and introduce him to the pace of a KMC walk through trying to catch the group. The meet leader then hoped that no-one spotted the deliberate error of leaving the Calderdale way too early - fat chance! Still, we picked up the Pennine way to climb away from Colden Clough and onto Heptonstall Moor, which had a slight covering of the season's first snow and slush. First break was taken just below Gorple Lower reservoir, and the Williams - Walker quartet then took the long short cut back direct down Hebden dale; long because the main group unwittingly overtook them whilst they were taking tea at the café further down the Dale.

The main group then headed up past Walshaw Dean lower reservoir, to swing back on the high path over Wadsworth Moor to enter Hebden Dale just after Horrodiddle (I just had to get that name in). Our second lunch was taken at the Mill, sitting outside with our butties and tiffin, unaware that the others were within. The meet leader was slightly concerned that we were going to get back to base only just after 3pm (I think our speed over the ground may have been proportional to the group chat decibel levels), but sense prevailed, and we passed up any thought of extending the walk and seven of us settled for tea and cakes in Hebden Bridge instead.

Thanks to everyone for coming and supporting the meet.

Mark Garrod

Meet Promo:

Meet at car-park on south side of Heptonstall, grid ref 987276, at 9.30am. We are going on a clockwise jaunt, firstly on the Calderdale Way, then picking up the Pennine Way over Clough Head Hill to Gorple Lower reservoir. Heading up Walshaw Dean to the middle reservoir, then over Dean Gate, to drop into Hebden Dale. Finally a steep hike back up into Heptonstall. Looks like about 13 miles to me; if anyone wants to shorten it then the short cut direct into Hebden Dale from the bottom of Walshaw Dean cuts out a mile or more and a good climb.

Mark Garrod

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