Sat 26th Jan, 2008

Peak District Walk

No report from the meet leader but Dave Bone writes:

Members Present: James (Dave for a Day) Richardson, Dave Shotton, Dave Wylie & Dave Bone.


Maybe the numbers were reduced by a late announcement of a Saturday meet, and then again by finding mid-week a double road closure of Rushup Edge and the Snake. Actually the former was open, but Car 1 arrived in good time for the meet and a cold wait in a bus shelter - only for a further breakdown in the plans. "James - I get the impression that there isn't a Bus on a Saturday?" looking at the encoded timetable. Change of plans - up the east side of the reservoirs, follow the Derwent to its very head, then up to Bleaklow Head through the groughs. Looking back, not much of the party was visible. Ah, a mountain Hare? no, it's Dave Wylie. Black Sheep? Yes and No it's Dave for a Day. Dave S , no, a Raven. Then back along the top of Alport Castles with an extremely irritating, gusty side-wind.

Once back at the cars, it is pronounced a good circuit, though not without strained muscles from the Battle with the wind.

Dave Bone

Meet Promo:


  1. This meet is on Saturday.

  2. The Snake Pass and Rushup Edge are both shut. Dave Bone's suggested journey to the meet is: Go out via Stockport A6 - not over Rushup, via Sparrowpit, Hope, Ladybower. Overall won't expect it to take much longer if traffic is not abnormal.

Meet at Derwent Fairholmes car park at 9.50 ready to get the 10.05 bus to Kings Tree (arriving at 10.20). We will then follow the Derwent River and eventually end up on the Pennine Way. We will then head westwards towards Bleaklow. We will then head south along the Alport River and go over the top of Alport Castles. We should then arrive back at the cars just as night is falling (bring a head torch in case my timing is a little out).

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