Sun 1st Jul, 2012

Stanage (Newcomers Climbing Meet III)

Present in no particular order: Dan O'Brien, Graham Haselhurst, Christine Beeston, Gareth Williams, Dave Wylie, James Williams, Al Metelko, Roger Dyke,Dave Shotton, Kate Harvie, Dave Dillon.

Newcomers INPO: Naomi Malkin, Rich Sawyer, Katy Cairns, Jo Perry, Greg Nunn, Tim Howarth, Stuart Aston, Laura Bond, Jasmine Pitts, Emily Pitts, Emma Timmis, Kate Sparks, and possibly more that I missed, oops.


The day started well with a spot of curb crawling behind Piccadilly station netting the first of the day's haul. Slight detour and 4 up.Through Glossop drizzle, over the Snake in murk. Down to Hathersage Pool Café for a bacon butty. Up to a dry, midge free Stanage and an ill named Popular End where the routes were ours.

Reports floated in of steady rain from the Old Man of Hathersage, general piddlement in Manchester, and we could see Castleton Cement works vanish behind rain every now and then. With such a bevy of stars climbs fell like wild fire, possibly keeping most of the rain at bay. The top fifteen centimeters of each climb contained a compact turbulence zone resulting in 'leader hearing loss', big chalk streaks up the back and some small change sucked out of loose pockets.

A few snippets taken from the day ... Katy on her first ever rock climb. Rich bagged the second trad lead of his life, independently developing cold weld gear placement. Emily continually straying onto more challenging routes. Naomi sauntering up ever harder routes. Christine and Kate walking up from a wet Hathersage not believing the crag could be dry. Stuart reclined, Siren like, painting a water colour of the crag. Al, Gareth and Roger digging for booty along the edge. Dan stepping out over the void. The different ways of tackling Black Hawk Traverse Left. Graham basking in reflected glory. Kate sunbathing. Roger soloing on Black Hawk Hell Crack. The teasing sunshine and eventual brief sweep of rain across the crag. The run for pubs and cafés. Sampling cakes and ogling shiny gear. Setting the world to rights.

Thanks to all for coming, especially those who set out in the rain. A day of bravery against all the odds.

Dave Dillon

Meet Promo:

Come to Stanage and delight in arguably the world's most famous crag. Grades to suit all, including the renowned Standage Vdiff, which usually test most E grade climbers.

I'll be at the popular end from around 9.30 a.m. in the Black Hawk area not far from the car park at Hooks Car SK 275829. As inclination dictates we'll be wandering along westward looking for hand holds and general entertainment.

Stanage is situated a little north of Hathersage and Hathersage can be found perched in the A625 Chapel-en-le-Frith Sheffield road. Hathersage is also on the Manchester Sheffield railway line.

Bring: climbing harness, belay device, rock boots, chalk (if you use it), a rope (if you've got one), any fancy ironmongery you possess, winter woolies (if it looks like snow), waterproofs (you never know), Guide book (if you've one), waterproof sun tan cream, midge deterrent, food, drink (more than a litre of water), cakes, camera (for daring deeds), plasters and shades.

There are public toilets down by the plantation car park SK 239837, but the best advice (for the big stuff at least) is Go before you Go.

Contact me to arrange shared lifts and transport, railway pickups etc.

Dave Dillon

Well equiped youth of today (Dave Dillon)
Christine over Bishop's Stride (Dave Dillon)
Al above Bishop's Stride (Dave Dillon)
'Old' Salfordians (Dave Dillon)
Stuart painting the crag (Dave Dillon)
Jo on Anatomy (Dave Dillon)
Dan on Gargoyle Buttress (Dave Dillon)
Emily following Emma on Anatomy (Dave Dillon)
Roger on Black Hawk Hell Crack (Dave Dillon)
Greg on Bishop's Stride (Dave Dillon)
Roger hides his tackle (Dave Dillon)
Stanage Edge (Dave Shotton)
Dave Shotton (Kate Harvey)

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