Wed 27th Jun, 2012

Dovestones Edge

Present - Duncan Lee, Mark Grist, Steve Graham, Al Barnes, A. N. Other, Midges.

Duncan says:

I called in there whilst out running and followed Mark Grist up Answer crack and Slip-off slab both of which had already been climbed by Steve Graham and a chap whose name I cannot remember (sorry). Al Barnes was rumoured to be on his way but was possibly eaten alive by the midges before he got there. They were fierce! Hence why I continued my run and thus didn't make it to the pub for the vote. But then again did anyone?

If people want a get out clause from a dovestones rematch may i suggest Ashworth Moor quarry. It's had a good clean and has a lot more than the bouldering that ukc shows.i.e about 20 routes from diff to E1'ish

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