Sat 18th Nov - Sun 19th Nov, 2000

ANNUAL DINNER - Old Dungeon Ghyll

The annual dinner is being held at the ODG this year, on Saturday November 18th. For those you don't know the hotel - why not? It is superbly situated at the head of Great Langdale, under the pikes, and has seen a good number of KMC dinners over the years.



Our guest speaker is still being chosen from a short-list of many, but this year we have been very fortunate to secure the services of Michelle Harvie, who has taken on the mantle of club raconteur and distributor of tittle-tattle (see request for ammunition elsewhere in this newsletter). We will be having the traditional KMC bop to help the Bread and Butter pudding down.

The cost of the dinner is £16, which is the actual cost of the meal itself. The committee has decided that other costs, such as the disco, guest speaker and other guest rooms and meals, top table wine, etc will be paid by the club, as they were last year.



The committee sat through many hours of deliberation to narrow the menu down to our allowed range of selections. I would ask that everyone who books let me know which starter and main course they would like, to give the Hotel a good idea of numbers. Desserts can be chosen on the night - selection yet to decide with the ODG chef. I have also yet to decide on the vegetarian main course choice with the hotel - shout now if you have strong preferences.


  • Leek and Potato Soup
  • Melon, Orange and Grapefruit Cocktail
  • Garlic Mushroom

Main Courses

  • Fresh Salmon
  • Cajun Beef
  • Vegetarian dish



All bookings to me, with full payment and menu choice required to confirm your place(s). Cheques to be made payable to the KMC, please. Numbers are limited to 70 maximum, so please get in early and avoid disappointment.





The hotel has 17 rooms only, and all of these are reserved for KMC bookings up until the end of October. There are 2 singles only, then twins, doubles the odd room with more than 2 beds, and the odd room with en-suite. When I last spoke to the ODG a couple of weeks ago, they only had 4 rooms left, so get in there quickly. Hotel costs are £33 per night B&B.

Bookings should be made directly with the hotel, obviously mentioning that you are with the KMC so that they will accept them. Friday night is open house, so again, if you want to book, do it early.

Copies of hotel bumph from me on request, or from them, of course.



Given the unfortunate seasonal closure of the caravan park (we have tried, they can't open due to NT rules), I have done a bit of research into local B&B's for those who cant get in the hotel. Note that I haven't reserved any of these - naturally it is first come, first served, incl other than KMC'ers.

Stool End Farm (v.close to ODG). Jean Roward has 2 rooms; one double with 2 singles, and another double with one single. Her strong preference is to let for both Friday and Saturday nights, both were available when I phoned, and cost (if 2 nights booked) is £17.50 per night. Tel 015394-37615.

Mrs Taylforth, tel 015394-37364. She is ¾ of a mile down the road, has 2 doubles and one twin room (I think). Cost is £17 per night, again were all available when I called.

One of the above gave me "Robson Place" on 37226 as another possibility - I haven't called them.

If all the above are full, I'm sure the local information centre could help.



Adjacent to the hotel.

I am not volunteering to act as clearing house for accommodation, but if anyone is having real difficulties, esp re hotel or B&B, I'll try to help if I can.

Mark Garrod

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