Sun 22nd Apr, 2001


Joe Flynn

Members present: Joe Flynn, Roger Dyke, John Evans, Sheena Hendrie, Neville McMillan, Sabina Cosulich, Duncan Lee, Mike Hall.

Guests. Jeff and Teresa Seneviratnes and Ian?


The KMC was back in action. My first climbing meet of the real millennium thanks to lifting of Foot and Mouth restrictions at Ravensdale only a few days earlier.

In spite of a dreadful forecast heavy skies, clouds and drizzle in Manchester the enthusiastic bunch of dedicated/frustrated/desperate climbers set off despite the gloom. We were rewarded with an empty crag reserved for the KMC. The meet leader was an example arriving first and leaving last. It might have something to do with my climbing speed. As well as a deserted crag we were rewarded with the spring flora wild garlic, cow parsley, primula and some strange purple flowers that no one recognised. (What do triffids look like?). Roger arrived early and took a few photographs with his digital camera of climbers in action (or was that inaction).

John Evans and his friend Ian arrived walked up to the crag and then remembered a previous appointment in Sheffield. They left but promised to return later - yeah I'm still waiting.

The rest of the brave band followed soon after. There was some discussion as to the temperature of the rock and fingers and although there was no consensus on the issue Neville and Roger voted with their feet and went for a walk on the only legal path in the area the Tissington Trail. (Well that is what they told me your honour)

The usual favourites were climbed Medusa, Gymnic, Amain, Ash Crack and Rockbiter(soft touch HVS according she who will remain nameless).

The weather remained kind the rain that threatened did not arrive until we were leaving the Red Lion in Litton at 6:00.

You climbers who took one look at the Manchester weather and turned over went back to sleep missed a classic day in the peak. A rare opportunity to climb without crowds and have your choice of routes. Climbing restrictions have been lifted on several peak district crags so check the meets list and get active.

Joe Flynn

Meet Promo:

This meet is ON!

The crag was opened on 12/4/01. Access is only allowed on the concessionary path - the normal approach. They would prefer people to abseil off rather than walk down.

Meet at the crag from 11am.

Joe Flynn

Mike and Joe made a prompt 11.00 start on Medusa (Roger Dyke)
Duncan zipped up Gymnic (Roger Dyke)
To the admiration of a cold spectator gallery (Roger Dyke)
Followed by Sheena, sporting her hat with the special peak for climbing overhangs (Roger Dyke)
To be lowered off by a passing Eskimo (Roger Dyke)
Duncan cleared the spectator gallery by climbing the crack and loose blocks above it (Roger Dyke)
Followed again by Sheena (Roger Dyke)
While Mike checked the progress of the replacement ash on Ash Crack (Roger Dyke)
And the answer to Joe's Pub Quiz Question is that the pretty little pink flower is Butterbur [Petasites Hybridus] and is indeed responsible for the metre-wide rhubarb leaves later in the year. (Roger Dyke)
Roger and Neville decided they would walk to Litton Mill (Roger Dyke)

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