Sun 13th May, 2001

Trowbarrow Climbing

Sheena Hendrie

Members: Sheena Hendrie, Neville McMillan, Margaret Williams, Frank Williams, Virginia Castick, Al Metelko, Kevin Anderson, Neil Perry, Craig Marsden, Jim Symon, Judith Symon, Mark Garrod, Michelle Harvie

Guests: Catherine Perry


Or not the Working Party meet (cancelled due to Foot and Mouth). Since I said at the Committee meeting we should have a replacement meet, I somehow ended up leading it despite both hands being behind my back at the time I "volunteered".

However this was the 2 day summer - scorching hot both Saturday and Sunday and Trowbarrow was cooking- as were the multitude of climbers present. It was probably just as well the temperature was in the 80's (translate into Celsius yourselves) since many of the hordes present were quite happy to picnic rather than fry on Main Wall. That at least shortened the queues for routes, but the *** star routes, Assegai Wall for example, had a continuous stream of ascents all day long.

The KMC got off to a slowish start with Neville leading Pigfall followed by me fighting the polish on Coral Sea. In the meantime Midge, Frank and Margaret had arrived from the campsite at Arnside, and were sitting in the shade with two of the three reviewing the array of (male) legs walking past from the descent path. Neville felt that having seconded Coral Sea (VS 4c), he merited a round of applause and was only slightly mollified with the resulting flattery from the gallery that he looked far too young to be the proud owner of a zimmer frame.

Back on Main Wall Kevin led Hollow Earth (HVS 5a) followed by Al and Craig. Jim and Judith completed Ramp Ant, followed by Jomo led by Neil. However the lead of the day was undoubtedly by Al, who tackled Sleeping Sickness (E2 5c) in fine style. Mark and Michelle arrived to lend moral support, having been cycling round the area and the climbing then degenerated into a stick throwing exercise for a visiting mutt (who preferred our picnic spot to that of his owners.)

Thanks all for coming. I guess it was a bit too busy to be a good introduction to Trowbarrow, but some may go back to tick off routes when it is quieter.

Sheena Hendrie

Meet Promo:

The planned Working Meet at Ty Powdwr was cancelled, as the hut is still out of bounds.

The decision has been made - the meet on Sunday is a climbing meet at Trowbarrow. The grid reference for the crag is SD 481758 and parking is at SD 481755. The map is OS Landranger Sheet 97 Kendal to Morecambe and the guidebook is the BMC's Lancashire Rock. I'll be there after 1030.

Trowbarrow is a limestone quarry with most routes at VS and above (with a few at VDiff and Severe). The main wall is impressivley high and although it looks like it's about to collapse at any moment it gives some memorable *** star routes up the crack lines. Bear in mind that we need to ab off from all routes - the top path and normal descent is shut.

It is a good spot for a picnic as well and there is scope for cycling in the local lanes (which sounds a good excuse for a detour to some of the local pubs)!

Sheena Hendrie

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