Sun 20th May, 2001


Sue Brooke

Members: Dave Bone, Sue Brooke, Sabina Cosulich, Andrew Croughton, Dave Dillon, Roger Dyke, Paul Evans, Joe Flynn, Mark Gledhill, Kathy Gordon, Sheena Hendrie, Duncan Lee, Colin Maddison, Bridget and Roger Mapleson, Neville McMillan, Lester Payne, Gary Thornhill, Dave Wylie

Guests: Emma Gledhill, Sam Halligan, Anna Jirolami, Andy Lidstone, Roisin Maddison, Anthony Mannion, Carys and Owen Mapleson, Callam McKenzie


O ye of little faith, let a little bit of rain stop you from setting off, when on the other side of the Pennines the suns cracking the flags. Well I admit to a little bit of exaggeration, but it was a fairly warm, dry day with the sun threatening to burn off the clouds on a few occasions. The early team, Paul and Anthony were stood within 10 yards of each other when the meet leader (easily identified by the cripple poles) finally got to the crag, so the obvious thing was to introduce them and team them up. Anthony had only recently returned to climbing after several years abstinence and Paul had exhausted him by the end of the day, with April Crack and Holly Bush Crack ticked before anyone else arrived. Dave Bone in the absence of a partner decided soloing was the order of the day, after declining the recuperating meet leaders offer of assistance as belay bunny. Apparently the weekend clashed with the society wedding of the year, Ann (nee Woolley) and John Sanderson's, otherwise known as Mr and Mrs Barking, so very belated congratulation's if they have not already been proffered. The upshot of this was that many people, including the president and his first lady, arrived fairly late in the day, looking hung over and subdued. The meet leader was kept entertained by the creche and respective parents, and was trusted to hold a baby on more than one occasion and to look after Roisin (or was it the other way round). I had a thoroughly pleasant day and would like to say thank you to everyone who attended.

Sue Brooke

Meet Promo:

This meet WILL take place!

Meet at the Popular End (i.e. the open part), from around 11am onwards. The meet leader will be limping up to the crag at some point to say hello, count heads and perhaps hold ropes.

Attendance of Sue's meet is, of course, mandatory for everybody in the KMC and all prospective members!

Sue Brooke

Sheena trying the optional finish of Heather Wall (Roger Dyke)

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