Sat 7th May, 2016

Newcomers Climbing Meet: Birchen Edge

Christine Beeston

Members: Christine Beeston, Clay Conlon, Roger Dyke, Nils Elgar, Phil Hartwell, Al Metelko, Dave Shotton, Andy Stratford, Dave Wylie.

Guests: Richard Applegate, Jo Cowley, Sam Crabb, Alex Green, Andy Haines, Richard Johnson, Oli Ney, Shelley Rhodes.

Ran by and waved: Dan O’Brien and Katie.


Forecasts were mixed but this turned out to be a super sunny meet, with a good turnout from members and potential members.  Arriving at the carpark, I tried to identify some of the newcomers – finding Richard Applegate, who announced he would join us later after a bacon sandwich.  Exactly the kind of potential member we are looking for!  I reluctantly decided that I shouldn’t really delay, and headed up to the crag with Dave S and Roger.  Andy S was already on his 10th[1] climb with Clay.  Nils was also already there.

I really can’t remember the details of who climbed what, but a great selection of routes got climbed by the meet, in various combinations of new and old members and newcomers.  Phil gave a masterclass in removing stuck gear, ascending Trafalgar Crack with a pocketful of real rocks to use as hammers.  We all ate cake.  Rosie the dog (of Andy H) sheltered in the shade of boulders – it was the hottest day of the year so far! 

Thanks to all for coming along and helping to make the newcomers welcome. 


[1] I made this number up, to give a general impression of energy and motivation.

Christine Beeston

Meet Promo:

Please note the change of meet leader, and consequently change of venue – Millstone is too hard for me (though I did consider just hanging around chatting and eating cake), and Stanage is already taken so I thought Birchens would offer a selection of routes for all.  There will still be lots of chatting and cake.

Newcomers very welcome, please contact the meet leader by emailing if you’re interested in coming along.

We’ll meet around 10.30 under Trafalgar Wall.

Christine Beeston

Please note:
Due to Covid restrictions many meets have been cancelled and remaining meets are members only. Please check back after the restrictions are lifted.

Meet Leader in action  _  powerful jamb (Roger Dyke)
Dave on Barnacle Bulge (Philip Hartwell)
Dave at the Crux of Barnacle Bulge (Philip Hartwell)
Mat on Orpheus Wall (Philip Hartwell)
Going for it Orpheus Wall (Philip Hartwell)
Ollie below the Orpheus crux (Philip Hartwell)
Got the hold (Philip Hartwell)
The descent (Philip Hartwell)

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